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Dikla Kadosh

A Zionist without quotation marks

Yaron Amitai was the oldest soldier killed in the Second Lebanon War. At 45, he was past the required age for army reserve duty. Amitai nevertheless volunteered to serve as a combat medic in the Paratroopers Brigade scheduled to go into Lebanon

An American wedding in Israel

My fiance, David, cheerfully agreed to designate groomsmen to accompany my green-clad friends down the aisle (another ceremonial tradition not done in Israel — there, only the bride and groom walk down the aisle). However, despite showing them how lovely matching bridesmaids and groomsmen look on David\’s Bridals\’ Web site, we could not convince his three brothers to wear matching suits.

Israeli rapper Subliminal has built a music empire

The first song Ya\’akov Shimoni ever wrote was called, \”Genesis.\” The lyrics — in English, Hebrew and French — were about pollution, global warming, Mother Earth and the destruction of Israel\’s natural resources. It was 1997 — long before \”An Inconvenient Truth\” became a blockbuster and the green movement reached an unprecedented level of hipness.

18 essential Hebrew words and phrases

In honor of Israel\’s 60th Birthday, we thought you should learn a few key words and phrases in Hebrew that will bring you closer to Israel\’s people and culture. This vocabulary will be useful on your next trip to Israel– or on your next trip to Ventura Boulevard. Delight your Israeli friends, teach your kids or impress a date. What better way to mark this milestone in Jewish history than to do a very Jewish thing: learn!

Israel to rock the Kodak but hoping for more glam

Rami Kleinstein music video \’Winds of War\’ ( Hebrew)

In planning the May 10 celebratory \”Israel at 60\” megaconcert for Hollywood\’s Kodak Theatre, the producers went down the A-list of Jewish celebrities, requesting their presence at what is hoped to be the grandest celebration in Los Angeles of Israel\’s 60th year of independence.


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