Friday, October 23, 2020


David N. Myers


Why we need more history lessons

In the cascade of one major news story after another, President Donald Trump has decided somewhat quietly to send his son-in-law and close adviser,...

The importance of learning the other’s past

The recent commemoration of Israeli independence brings us back to 1948, when Jewish and then Israeli forces battled with local and then regional Arab...

Would Ahad Ha’am be denied entry to Israel today?

While reading an interview in the Forward with the 87-year-old literary critic and polymath George Steiner, I couldn’t help but think about the string...

Remembering Korematsu today: A Jewish obligation

February 19, 1942. A day that will live in infamy. The call came to round up thousands of men, women, and children, citizens of...

My new patriotism

Donald Trump has given America at least one gift to date. He has induced in many a powerful dose of patriotism. I too have been swept up by it.

Open letter: Rabbi Hier, please do not go to the inauguration

I write to you out of respect for the work you’ve done in fighting intolerance, bigotry, and specifically anti-Semitism in Los Angeles and in this country.

UN Resolution 2334: Six take-aways from a turbulent December

The last weeks of 2016 proved to be among of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the relationship between Israel and the United States.

The function of the university in the age of Trump

The modern university, as we know it, originated from the imaginative proposals of Wilhelm von Humboldt, a Prussian philosopher and civil servant.

How bad can it get? A glance at history

The first weeks after the still surreal election of Donald J. Trump have provided precious little relief.

UNESCO and the culture of denial

The resolution by the executive board of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) last week to remove any reference to a Jewish link to the Temple Mount while condemning Israeli behavior in the Old City of Jerusalem is disturbing on various levels.

Brexit and the global democracy deficit

I arrived in London early on the afternoon of June 24, already knowing the results of the Brexit vote.

Sanders reignites potent strain of progressivism

In the 2016 presidential election campaign, there have been many astonishing developments to date.

Who is Simone Zimmerman?

In recent days, the name of a young Jewish woman has furiously buzzed around national media outlets.

The Pew Israel survey: A view from the margins

Just a month ago, two new reports cast light on the complex and contradictory nature of Israeli society.

What if Tom Friedman is right?

Without warning, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman dropped a bombshell smack into the middle of his opinion piece on Feb. 10.

President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address or: ‘The Plot Against America II’

My Fellow Americans, Vice President Palin, distinguished members of Congress, and esteemed guests, I am deeply honored to offer this State of the Union address, my first since being elected your president in November 2016.

Another way to think about BDS

Every week, a new message rolls in from a Jewish organization decrying Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) as a grave danger to the survival of Israel and the Jews.

The long history of Jewish violence in Israel

Last week’s terrible killing of 18-month old Ali Saad Dawabsha in Duma, together with the horrific violence at the Jerusalem gay pride parade, left many Jews stunned, repulsed and demoralized.

Whether you fire him or not, condemn Salaita’s words

For the past month or so, the academic world in this country has been abuzz with impassioned debate about Professor Steven Salaita, whose proposed appointment as a tenured professor in American Indian studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana was rejected by Chancellor Phyllis Wise on August 1.

After Gaza: The trail of destruction and its costs

With news of the latest cease-fire between Israel and Gaza just announced (on Sunday), residents on both sides will now seek to return to their routines.

Legacies of the Great War

The 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip — the act that started World War I — has occasioned ample debate about the impact and legacy of the conflict.

The failed promise of Ari Shavit’s ‘My Promised Land’

The Israeli journalist Ari Shavit is the talk of the town. Widely known in Israel as an influential and well-connected columnist for Haaretz, Shavit has not been a household name in this country.

U.S. academics should not boycott Israeli universities

Like many readers of the Jewish Journal, I have followed with interest and foreboding the recent vote of the American Studies Association (ASA) on whether to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

History matters: 
Garcetti and the history of Jewish politics

With Eric Garcetti’s election on May 21, the mayors of the three largest cities in the United States — Michael Bloomberg in New York, Rahm Emanuel in Chicago and Garcetti in Los Angeles — are all Jews.

Jewish studies flourish in China

The last quarter century has witnessed a veritable explosion in the academic field of Jewish studies. During that time, Israel solidified its place as the global center in the field, while in the United States virtually every university and college of note has established its own program, center or chair.

Opinion: Recognize Palestinian statehood—Today

At 4:00 in the afternoon, sixty-three years ago today, Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion took to the podium in the auditorium of the Tel Aviv Museum to make a bold and historic announcement. The preceding days had been filled with often difficult deliberations among Zionist leaders over whether to move ahead with it in the face of American opposition. Eventually, Ben-Gurion garnered enough support among his colleagues to carry the day. On May 14, the fifth of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar, he stood and declared with a sense of historical moment: “We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine, to be known as the State of Israel.” For Ben-Gurion and fellow Zionists, this announcement brought to an end the millennial aspiration of “Jews…in every successive generation to re-establish themselves in their ancient homeland.”

ADL’s decision doesn’t go far enough

While acknowledging that the massacres were a genocide, the ADL and its national director, Abraham Foxman, continue to refuse to support the congressional resolution (HR 106) that officially recognizes the Armenian genocide.

Illuminating the Jewish chapters of the Los Angeles story

Los Angeles, to the first-time visitor, can seem something of an enigma. Its vast physical spread often spawns negative stereotypes of a city beset by traffic, smog and the absence of a core.

Satmar Fight Underlines Its Assimilation

The death of Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum, spiritual leader of the Satmar Chasidic sect, marks more than the passing of a revered Torah sage. It also signals the conclusive passage of his community from Europe to America, a process that first began nearly 60 years ago.

Latest news

U.S. and Bahrain Agree to MOU Saying Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

On October 23, the United States and Bahrain signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that included a statement about anti-Zionism being anti-Semitism. The MOU stated...

Israeli Arabs Remain Divided Over Normalization Deals with Gulf States

JNS — The Joint Arab List was alone in voting against the normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates in the Knesset, upsetting many...

Report: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Rose 18% in LA County

According to the report, the number of anti-Semitic hate crimes in the county in 2019 was 93; in 2018, that number was 79. The report noted that the 93 instances is the largest number of anti-Semitic hate crimes that the county has recorded since 2009.

In a Striking Move, State Department Plans to Label 3 Large Human Rights Groups as Anti-Semitic

WASHINGTON (JTA) — In an unusual move, the State Department is planning to formally identify three large international human rights organizations as anti-Semitic, citing...

Amid Middle East Peace Deals, Israel and the US Reassert Commitment to Israel’s ‘Qualitative Military Edge’

(JTA) — The United States’ commitment to Israel’s “qualitative military edge” — or having the strongest armed forces in the Middle East — is...