Chaim Steinmetz

Chaim Steinmetz

Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz is the Senior Rabbi of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in New York.

An Ever-Present Void

The ritual of Shiva and the prayers of Yizkor and Kaddish all articulate the same idea: we must continue to remember those whom we love.

The Ground Still Trembles

For years, I wondered if I could ever experience something like the encounter at Sinai; when would I feel the ground tremble with divine inspiration?

The People’s Flag

What continues to hold the flag high are the people, who are filled with dedication.

The Optimism of Seven Lean Years

Right now it is difficult to dream, and optimism is scarce. But the lessons of our Torah reading is that there are no grand dreams of the future without difficulty and sacrifice.

Dear Anna: A Hannukah Message for College Students

One small candle is lit on the darkest, coldest night of the year, and yet it brings light to every Jew. Anna, you don’t need to be a part of the biggest and noisiest group. You just have to bring the light.


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