July 15, 2019

Ben Sales, JTA

Mark Zuckerberg wrote last December on Facebook that for him, “religion is very important.” Looks like he meant it.
When Dr. Avi Rivkind landed in Las Vegas three years ago to lecture as a trauma care expert, he saw something that troubled him.
One of the more colorful portions of the daylong Yom Kippur liturgy is the reading of the book of Jonah, an enigmatic narrative of a reluctant prophet.
On the High Holy Days of years past, when he stood before thousands of congregants, Rabbi Joshua Davidson stuck to universal and uncontroversial topics.
Picture services for the High Holy Days: What likely comes to mind is a roomful of congregants sitting with heavy books in their laps.
When Hurricane Harvey hit, she helped evacuate 150 people from her neighborhood by airboat and shelter nearly 100 people in a local church.
It’s affixed upon the doorpost. It’s wooden, thin and rectangular, but with rounded corners. That’s right: It’s a Christian mezuzah.
Following Hurricane Harvey, Jews from Florida had begun contacting Rabbi Adam Starr’s Atlanta synagogue seeking a safe haven from Hurricane Irma.
Hurricane Irma, predicted to hit the Caribbean on Wednesday, has been designated a Category 5 storm and has the highest wind speeds recorded since the 1980s
As Hurricane Harvey bore down on Houston Friday, Vicki Samuels Levy dashed over to the offices of the Houston Jewish Herald-Voice.
Tropical Storm Harvey continues to barrage the Texas coast — deluging the Houston area, destroying property and filling convention centers with evacuees.
On the days Jews know as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, some Christian sects celebrate what they call the Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement.
Amid the impassioned debate over whether, when & how to remove statues memorializing the Confederacy, an Israeli nonprofit is seeking a piece of the action.
Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the face? That’s the question animating much of the discussion of Saturday’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.
There are a lot of different groups that make up the white supremacy groups in Charlottesville. Here's a guide to the most prominent ones that showed up.
In a speech delivered Monday, Kushner expounded on the Trump administration’s efforts to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace.
6 years ago, the Israeli government released a series of controversial ads to show its expatriates that they would never feel at home in the United States.
On Wednesday, the Pew Research Center released a survey of American Muslims on numbers, their way of life and on the election of President Donald Trump.
Thomas Lopez-Pierre wants you to know he cares about Jews. That’s why the New York City Council candidate removed the phrase “greedy Jewish landlords.”
The journalist who first reported the ejection of three Jewish women from Chicago's Dyke March tweeted that she was removed from her reporting job.
The Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s so-called “blacklist” of Diaspora rabbis runs the denominational gamut. The rabbis on the list were rejected by the Rabbinate.
The Israeli Chief Rabbinate has a list of some 160 rabbis it does not trust to confirm the Jewish identities of immigrants.
The Israeli Chief Rabbinate says that its list of foreign rabbis has been misconstrued, and that the list does not imply that those rabbis can't be trusted.
American Orthodox leaders have a message for their non-Orthodox friends: Take a deep breath.
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