Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Ari Berman


County Official: “Not Enough Dosages” a Key Reason for Delays in Vaccination

“There was no money given to public health to build out any systems for administering the vaccine.”

Make Like an Octogenarian and Stay Home

After all, that’s what your Bubbe and Zeide are doing.

Bret Stephens on the United States After Trump

On a December 23 JUDJ event, Bret Stephens discussed “After Four Years of Trump, Can We Be Healed?”

The Day I Wanted To Be a Sea Lion

As an editor, I sometimes have to address weekend emergencies. Normally, the level of weekend work isn’t too hefty, and I can dash off...

Watching the Vice Presidential Debate as a Woman

If you watched the vice presidential debate this week, you might have reached a different conclusion than your neighbor as to who won. No,...

I’ve Applied to Over 100 Jobs With No Offers. This is What I Learned

At precisely 9:25 every morning, I go through a daily ritual. I open my Gmail and scan my inbox for a promising subject line. My...

When ‘Never Forget’ Goes Too Far

Virtual reality should not be applied to Holocaust remembrance.

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