December 10, 2019

Andrew Tobin, JTA

In the summer of 1947, when the British turned away the SS Exodus from the shores of Palestine, the world was watching.
Israeli officials announced Monday that three stages of the prestigious Giro d’Italia cycling race will be held in the country, starting in Jerusalem.
The 2017 annual survey by Hiddush offers indications that the Israeli Jewish public is as supportive as ever of religious pluralism.
Curious locals, journalists went to a Judaica store in the Old City here to marvel at the new luxury-marketed crocodile, python and cowhide head coverings.
For many Jews, Nazis are enemy No. 1, and using Nazi imagery to make a political point is verboten. But some young, right-wing Israelis aren’t buying it.
If you come all the way to his Kol Shofar factory here, Keinan is going to make sure you walk away with the horn that’s right for you.
Israel recently got two new statues of political leaders: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Supreme Court President Miriam Naor.
Since arriving in the country Friday to film a special episode of Conan O'Brien's TBS talk show, he has schmoozed with locals in Tel Aviv.
Miriam Ballin became a medic. She was not just going to stand idly by while Tropical Storm Harvey flooded her native Houston.
Although a major tourist destination, the Sea of Galilee area offers little that could be considered high end, or even stylish.
They are acting out the occasionally surly stage of the menstrual cycle, just before menstruation begins.
Some have hailed Avi Gabbay as Israel’s version of French President Emmanuel Macron, the banker who recently swept to power with an outsider campaign.
Israeli politicians rushed to condemn their government’s decision Sunday to freeze a plan promoting pluralistic prayer at the Western Wall.
Is it possible that Israelis could fall even more in love with Gal Gadot, its homegrown Wonder Woman? The answer this week is a resounding yes.
Israeli P.M. Netanyahu did his best to give Trump a warm welcome when he landed Monday at Ben Gurion Airport on his first trip abroad as U.S. president.
At a Shabbat service in Tel Aviv on Friday evening, congregants recited the mourner’s prayer for those killed in Syria’s civil war.
Israeli settlement supporters hoped for the best and expected the worst, tempering their initial euphoria at Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has launched a marijuana research center in a bid to take a leading role in the burgeoning field.
XX+UX Israel, is a 2-year-old community for women who work in the field of user experience, which encompasses a range of high-tech jobs.
Only 24 percent of the country would prefer a left-wing or center-left government to be elected. The survey included 500 Jewish and 100 Arab adults.