[Matthew]: This is my last report

This past week and a half that I’ve spent here in Haifa and Northern Israel, has affected me on many levels.

While at times it seemed to move quickly by, there were moments that seemed to last forever, because of the danger and fear that they brought with them. It’s the same way with Israel…such a beautiful and wonderful place, but I was repeatedly struck by its incredible vulnerability. While I had visited here many times when I was younger as a tourist, this time will remain unique in my memory.

Such a small country…such a proud and strong people…surrounded by countries and peoples who want to wipe it off the face of the earth. Israel fights for its survival every day and now more than ever!

I plan to head home on Wednesday, because I believe I can help more efficiently now in the states educating people about what I’ve seen here, first hand.  We must help defend Israel’s right to exist in peace, no matter who we are and no matter what we believe in. If we don’t, we may be next.

I look forward to speaking with all of you at home. Your e-mails and words of support have been life sustaining. Now we must act together to help ensure Israel’s survival. “If not now…when? If not us…who?”

There are many ways we can support Israel as I will discuss when I come home but the most immediate way, which I am doing as well, is by donating funds to www.haifaemergencycampaign.com as I have seen how they can help first hand. You can send tax deductible donations to their WEST COAST office at:

American Associate of the Haifa Foundation
175 Conifer Circle
Oak Park, CA 91377
Checks made out to The American Associate of the Haifa Foundation

Thank you all again for you kind words of support and blessings of safety!

Matt Altman