October 15, 2018

Bill Cosby Got What He Deserved

“As in his two courtroom trials, Bill Cosby declined to take the stand before he was sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison for aggravated indecent assault. It’s just as well. No one needs to hear this cruel, terrible man or any self-serving lie he would inevitably tell again.

Even at the height of his popularity, Cosby was never “America’s dad.” He was always what Judge Steven T. O’Neill of Montgomery County, Pa., designated him on Tuesday: “a sexually violent predator.” Of course, the scores of women he drugged and raped for decades already knew that. Known and unknown, they’ve finally been heard.

Given Cosby’s age, his attorneys asked for leniency for their client — house arrest as opposed to incarceration. Yes, he is now a legally blind, 81-year-old man in frail health. That does not negate the fact that he spent most of his years as a serial rapist who incapacitated and sexually assaulted dozens of women.”

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