October 15, 2018

Why Americans Don’t Have Any Friends

“At age 30, Radha Argawal looked at herself in the mirror as she was getting ready to go out on a snowy night in New York City and noticed something: she didn’t look happy.

“Other than with my identical twin sister, Miki, and a small group of friends whom I lived but rarely saw because they were scattered around the globe, I didn’t feel a strong sense of belonging anywhere,” she writes in her debut book “BELONG: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life.” “I found myself stuck at the same sports bar every Saturday with friends who talked about stuff I didn’t care about, and I frequently drank until I blacked out.”

It was this epiphany that eventually led Argawal to look more closely at how she was spending her time—and with whom. Eventually, this self-inquisition led to her starting Daybreaker — a morning dance party (“Wake up and dance,” it advertises) that happens in 25 cities around the world. Salon spoke with Argawal to learn more about how the importance of community, and how a sense of belonging might be what Americans yearn for the most.”

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