Considering Bin Ladin’s Death, Jewishly

The enormous sense of jubilation at the death of a man, a very evil man, Osama Bin Laden, curses through my soul, and I see that reflected in the crowds being shown on television. And yet, I feel compelled to second guess my own joy. It is legitimate to feel joyful and to celebrate the vanquish of a man who, himself, celebrated hatred, who killed and taught others to kill ruthlessly. Who was evil in a way comparable to Hitler, for his level of disinterest in the welfare of innocent victims.

But even as we celebrate, I think how much better this would be to have been able to hold a trial in a world court for this man, to have had him answer to a different kind of justice. This in no way vanquishes the pride I have that American operatives appear to have accomplished what seemed to be impossible. To capture this elusive man, using intelligence agencies working together. I only wish that justice could be done outside the war zone.

We have all been subjected to innumerable indignities as a result of this man. May we who sought justice now come together over this victory—to celebrate our president and the forces that serve us all, from the armed forces, to the CIA, who took this on. And may we find some way forward in healing the world.