Do you Dream of Diving in Cuba?

Who did I dive with in Cuba?   Gardens of the Queen is a protected marine area and the number of divers per year is limited to under 1000. It is an area with 150 islands. We dove in the Southern part and expected to see Caribbean reef sharks, Silky sharks, sting rays, nurse sharks and healthy coral reefs which Andersen Cooper called a “Living Time Machine” when he visited for CNN in 2011.

I loved the dinner with fresh grilled steak, kabob skewers with shrimp and veggies, grilled tuna, pasta with garbanzo beans, homemade bread and of course wine and drinks.

Where did you stay in Havana and how did you get there? I stayed in an AirBnB in Havana and I flew in from Cancun. I traveled solo and I loved it. Other things I learned along the way traveling with 11 male dive buddies:

The two rules of life:

Rule #1: There are no rules

Rule #2: Do what makes you happy

Happy and Safe Diving! Lisa

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