Sunday, July 5, 2020



Two Nice Jewish Boys: Episode 143 – Jewish Pride, Changing Sexes and Keeping Kosher

We all have the power to choose. Free will is a tenet of most religions and philosophies. But there are some things in life,...

Two Replies to the Recent ‘Taharah And Gender’ Blog by Laurie Dinnerstein-Kurs

At the Community Hevra Kadisha of Greater Boston, we are committed to making taharah accessible and available to the entire Jewish community.  We are...

Jenna Jameson Receives Death Threats After Expressing Outrage Over New Trans Playmate

When Jenna Jameson was converting to Orthodox Judaism, she chronicled her adventures on Twitter. https://twitter.com/jennajameson/status/608335250293452800 Last week, when the Iran Deal was being discussed, again she...

Latest news

Jewish Camp Delays Start Date After Counselor Tests Positive for Coronavirus

“This staff member had zero signs of being sick."

Palestinians Are Angry at Arab-World Indifference to Israeli Annexation, Says Report

The P.A. is pressing for “jihad”– holy war against the Jewish state.

Netanyahu: ‘Very Strong’ COVID-19 Resurgence Is an ‘Emergency Situation’

Israel’s coronavirus death toll hits 330, with 804 new cases in the past 24 hours.

Ex-Hamas Leader Calls for Violence Over Israel’s Annexation Plan

“The West Bank must rise up against Israeli annexation using any weapons available.”

The Needs of Jews in Eastern Europe in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic has emphasized the value of communal life.