Wednesday, June 3, 2020


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Fighting a Virus: Local Community Mobilizes Over Coronavirus

On March 8, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued a statement saying that a Los Angeles resident who attended the America...

Weekly Parsha: Noach

One verse, five voices. Edited by Salvador Litvak, Accidental Talmudist And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top...

The shape of things to come: Jewish L.A. in 30 years

In commemoration of the Jewish Journal's 30th anniversary, Jewish leaders discuss their hopes and predictions for the next 30 years of L.A. Jewish life. Melissa...

What the Beverly Hills Hotel boycott says about where we draw our lines in a global economy

If you walk up the red carpet and into the Beverly Hills Hotel on a Friday evening or Saturday morning, at the left side of the lobby, inside the Sunset Room, you’ll find an Orthodox Jewish prayer service.

How to make b’nai mitzvah meaningful

I was meeting with an upcoming bat mitzvah girl the other day and talking with her about the Torah (what else?). I pointed out all the books that surrounded us in my study and mentioned that as someone who has published five books myself, how thrilled I would be if people were still reading even one of my books 20 years from now.

Rabbi Sheryl Lewart dies at 65

Rabbi Sheryl Lewart, who served as associate rabbi at Kehillat Israel (KI) in Pacific Palisades, died Nov. 30 at the age 65 after a second battle with breast cancer.

Prop. 34: Repeal the death penalty

Jewish tradition has always championed the idea that justice is a fundamental necessity. When the Torah commands us, “Justice, justice shall you pursue,” the repetition is to teach that not only we must have just ends, our means to those ends must be equally just.

Red String

I wear a piece of red string around my right wrist, a talisman for healing.

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There Are Now 500,000 Negative Tweets About George Soros Every Day. Many Claim He’s Funding George Floyd Protests.

Right-wing conspiracy theorists are increasingly claiming that George Soros is funding recent protests and riots across the United States in the aftermath of the...

Rep. Steve King, Who Condoned White Supremacists and Anti-Semites, Loses Iowa Primary

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, whose record includes inflammatory comments condoning white supremacists and anti-Semites, lost a hotly contested Republican primary. King, a nine-term congressman,...

Most Israelis Support for Annexation, Despite Fear of Violence

A second Intifada was too high a price for the withdrawal from Lebanon; a third Intifada is a tolerable price for annexation.

Interfaith Leaders to Gather in Santa Monica in Response to Trump’s ‘Religious Stunt’

Los Angeles clergy and spiritual leaders plan to gather at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Santa Monica Wednesday, June 3 in response to what...

Thousands of Israeli Students Sent Home Over COVID-19 Outbreaks

Schools in Israel began opening more than two weeks ago after isolating for nearly two months due to the coronavirus.