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Tough Night at the Oscars for Jewish Nominees

Half a century ago, Bob Hope’s films were wildly popular but the comedian had never been nominated for an Academy Award. So when Hope served...

Oscars: Doping Documentary ‘Icarus’ Exposes Russian Conspiracy

Inspired by the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, filmmaker and amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel decided to see if he, too, could take performance-enhancing drugs and...

‘Icarus’ director points camera at doping scientist, international intrigue

Before Bryan Fogel embarked upon his debut documentary, “Icarus,” which revolves around Russia’s Olympic doping program, he was “desperate to not be the ‘Jewtopia’...

‘Jewtopia’s’ universal truths

David Katz knew minutes into watching Bryan Fogel’s “Jewtopia,” a star-studded independent film adapted from the hit comedic play about interfaith dating, that it would anchor his Malibu International Film Festival. Unfortunately, Katz had his epiphany at 3 a.m.

Choice of a Jew generation

\"Jewtopia: The Chosen Book for the Chosen People\"

Q & A With Jewtopia Creators Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson

I\'m standing in the foyer of the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood talking to Bryan Fogel, the co-writer/co-producer/co-star of \"Jewtopia\" -- a play that parodies dating, JDating, interdating, rabbis, Passover seders, Purim, Chanukah bushes, bar mitzvahs, shofar blowing, other types of blowing, goyim, Asian fixations, synagogue memberships and, most of all, Jewish women and their overbearing mothers -- when this overbearing Jewish mother shamelessly accosts Fogel outside his dressing room to peddle her daughter to him.

A State of ‘Jewtopia’

We\'re nice Jewish boys who love our mothers,\" Sam Wolfson said. \"We don\'t mean any harm,\" said his pal, Bryan Fogel.\n\nWolfson and Fogel feel nervous because they\'ve written and are starring in an irreverent play, \"Jewtopia,\" about a Jew who dislikes Jewish women (Wolfson), and a non-Jew who adores them (Fogel). They\'ve included over-the-top riffs on clichés such as theme bar mitzvahs, cheesy Purim carnivals, JAPS and the politically incorrect word, shvartze. They say they intended to humorously but lovingly exploit Jewish stereotypes the way plays like \"Nunsense\" exploit Catholic ones -- but they\'re aware viewers could take offense.

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