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ASA conference revisits the boycott of Israeli institutions

Nancy Koppelman, an American Studies professor at The Evergreen State College in Washington, is well aware of how passionate things can get on college campuses over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The late pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003, had been a student at Evergreen.

Event at LA Westin hotel restricts participation by Israelis

In early November, the American Studies Association will be having its annual meeting at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

Pro-Israel campus groups actively stand up for Israel

From last year’s boycott of Israeli academic institutions by the American Studies Association to protests at campuses across the country, it’s apparent that colleges are not the friendliest places for pro-Israeli students and advocates these days.

Maryland budget slams Israel academic boycotts, offers no penalties

Maryland lawmakers included language in the new state budget condemning academic boycotts of Israel but scrapped any penalties that were included in a bill under consideration.

House bill would defund colleges that back Israel boycotters

Universities that “significantly fund” groups that boycott Israeli academic institutions would be ineligible for federal funds under legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dear John Sexton: Condemn and block the ASA

I am writing to you as an alumnus of NYU-affiliated school who is deeply concerned with the recent boycott resolution by the American Studies Association (ASA) and its adverse impact on the reputation of NYU.

If boycott is anti-academic what do we call its leaders?

I am writing to you as an alumnus of NYU-affiliated school who is deeply concerned with the recent boycott resolution by the American Studies Association (ASA) and its adverse impact on the reputation of NYU.

Is the New York State anti-boycott bill dead?

We’ve reported that the New York State Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill intended to prohibit colleges from using any state money to fund groups that boycott Israeli universities.

N.Y. State bill ends funding to schools linked to boycott groups

A bill introduced in the New York State Assembly would suspend funding to educational institutions which fund groups that boycott Israel.

Judea Pearl: Boycott Israel? Not on my campus

There are many good reasons to oppose the American Studies Association (ASA) decision to boycott Israeli universities. But there are some bad reasons as well. Many arguments against the boycott play exactly into the hands of the pro-boycott propagandists and give them the ammunition they need to continue their racist campaign with renewed vigor and self-righteousness.

Ack! Condemn! Ick!

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Answering back to the academic boycotters of Israel

Six days after its membership voted to implement an academic boycott against Israeli universities, the American Studies Association’s Caucus on Academic and Community Activism on December 21, 2013 hurriedly issued a defensive appeal for support bemoaning, in the wake of a tsunami of backlash and censure against the boycott, what it defined as a “campaign of intimidation against the ASA.”

PRO/CON: Should U.S. academics boycott Israeli universities?

According to an announcement released Dec. 16, the American Studies Association (ASA), a group of some 5,000 university professors, has endorsed its national council’s call for a boycott of Israeli universities.

Brandeis, Penn State Harrisburg quit ASA over Israel boycott

The American studies departments of Brandeis University and Penn State Harrisburg withdrew from the American Studies Association after it voted to boycott Israeli universities.

U.S. academics should boycott Israeli universities

The American Studies Association (ASA) Resolution supporting a boycott of Israeli academic institutions has been grossly mischaracterized as an assault on academic freedom. On the contrary, it is one of the most significant affirmative acts any scholarly organization has proposed in defense of academic freedom since the anti-apartheid movement.

U.S. academics should not boycott Israeli universities

Like many readers of the Jewish Journal, I have followed with interest and foreboding the recent vote of the American Studies Association (ASA) on whether to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

American Studies Association votes for boycott of Israeli universities

The membership of the American Studies Association endorsed its national council’s call for a boycott of Israeli universities.

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