November 13, 2019

United States

"No one is going to confuse President Trump’s remarks Tuesday at the Economic Club of New York with anything approaching eloquence. He is at his worst when he stiffly reads the teleprompter or flies widely off script with gratuitous remarks about..."

"In his new Netflix comedy special “Lobby Baby,” Seth Meyers allows viewers to avoid his political jokes: Those who tune in to the special have the choice, about 40 minutes in, of hitting the “skip politics” button (not unlike the “skip intro..."

"This week, the first open hearings in the Democrats' impeachment inquiry against President Trump will happen, after several days of closed-door testimony and hundreds of pages of ensuing transcripts. We don't know, at least entirely, what..."

"I want to tell you three things about the “dreamers,” the young people covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. The Supreme Court hears arguments on Nov. 12 that might lead to the abolition of DACA, and I would like you to..."

"...before it heard from diplomats, ambassadors and lieutenant colonels — the country heard from a yoga teacher, an actress, a restaurant owner, a makeup artist — and me. When it comes to Donald Trump, we were the first whistleblowers..."

"Nearly every state in the union is set to vote on Tuesday. If you haven't heard about it, you're not alone. Voters in Kentucky and Mississippi will decide on statewide offices like governor, attorney general and secretary of state. In Virginia..."

"A long time ago, on a different internet — where Photoshopped images of “God Emperor” Donald Trump riding atop a velociraptor were just a faint glimmer in a young meme lord’s eye — the Republicans were in trouble. Barack Obama’s 2008 win over..."

"Though she rejects the label, televangelist Paula White is part of the prosperity gospel movement, which goes by many names: "Name it and claim it." "Health and wealth." "Word of faith." "Seed faith." Even just "faith." What these titles to..."

"Early in September, in Fruitport, Michigan, a new building at a local high school made headlines across the country. It had been designed for a single purpose: to try to mitigate the carnage of school shootings. There are no straight hallways..."

"When Rep. Katie Hill, the California Democrat who announced her resignation on Sunday, admitted to a sexual relationship with one of her campaign staffers, she didn’t hesitate to call it “inappropriate.” Anti-sexual harassment advocates have..."

"Conservative scholars who try to make sense of U.S. history face two daunting challenges. The first is their marginality in the profession itself. They want to persuade readers that the nation’s past supports their convictions about the present...."

"I really wish U.S. Rep. Katie Hill had not resigned. The Antelope Valley freshman Democrat has been charged with no crime, is going through what appears to be a miserable divorce, has always been frank about her bisexuality, had a relationship..."

"Hypocrisy is always part of politics. The opposition party always fancies itself noble and principled, ready to reform if only given the chance. The ruling party "always thinks," as John Adams put it, "it has a great soul, and vast views, beyond..."

"Politicians should be licensed. Nearly every other profession has some form of accreditation or certification. In the District , more than 125 occupations require a license. We license lawyers, doctors, teachers, accountants, plumbers, real..."

"A congressional impeachment inquiry into President Trump has been underway in earnest for a month now. We still have no way of knowing for certain what the outcome of the process will be — if the House will vote to impeach (likely), and if so..."

"Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, wants to change his story about Ukraine. On Thursday, at a press briefing, Mulvaney confirmed that when President Donald Trump suspended military aid to Ukraine in July, one reason was that..."

"A few of us weren’t on the debate stage last night. Supported by its friends and sponsors in the corporate media, the Democratic National Committee has sought to narrow the field of presidential candidates at the very moment when it should be..."

"One enduring thing of value that ought to come out of the Trump administration — ought, but apparently won’t — would be to finally drive a stake into the heart of these deathless twin superstitions: that the skills and talents that enable..."

"For the first time since President Richard Nixon refused to turn over the White House tapes, the United States is facing a genuine constitutional crisis. To be sure, Donald Trump had already created a crisis in the presidency by abusing the..."

"President Trump has been enduring the worst scandal of his presidency over the past two weeks, following evidence from both himself and a whistleblower that he attempted to coerce Ukraine into investigating the family of his top political rival..."

"Two years ago, in the early days of the Russia investigation, many Republican senators said collusion with a foreign government to influence an American election would be a betrayal of the United States. They didn’t believe Donald Trump had..."

"Joe Biden's presidential campaign recently asked TV networks to stop booking Rudy Giuliani as a guest. Good luck with that. The Rudy Show is a hot ticket. It's a mesmerizing, wild-eyed performance that invites an inevitable question: What..."

"If President Trump is impeached sometime in the coming months — and the incomplete-yet-incredibly-damaging notes from his July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky suggest this is all but a certainty — you can probably thank Joe..."

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that she would open an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Although some of the facts surrounding Mr. Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have yet to be nailed down, it appears that..."

"President Trump seeks to drive a wedge between American Jews and the Democratic Party. He claims that the Republican Party is more concerned with protecting Jewish people at home and abroad. He also wants to stoke tensions between American Jews..."

"Calls for the impeachment of President Trump have resumed, and they're louder than ever. They began from the start of the Trump presidency. (My first column about whether a drive to impeach Trump would succeed ran on February 3, 2017, exactly..."

"Two hundred years ago, the Founding Fathers made a mistake. They decided that the president of the United States should be elected by a popular vote held among the entire country’s citizens. The results of this flawed system speak for themselves..."

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “selfie line” may be a “political phenomenon,” according to CNN, but it’s also a misnomer, twice over: The photos that supporters end up with aren’t technically selfies—campaign aides snap them—and no one waits in a line..."

"We’re approaching the anniversary of one of the nastiest political battles it has been my misfortune to witness—the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite credible accusations of sexual harassment and assault and his..."

"It’s already been widely noted that the New York Times buried breaking news about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged tendency, as a college student, to touch people with his penis when intoxicated. On Sunday, when the Times ran a..."

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JJ Editor's Picks

"When Mark Twain observed that rumors of his death had been “greatly exaggerated,” he left out the fact that those words would become true eventually, as they did in 1910 when the great American author died. Similarly, given the huge resources..."

"No one is going to confuse President Trump’s remarks Tuesday at the Economic Club of New York with anything approaching eloquence. He is at his worst when he stiffly reads the teleprompter or flies widely off script with gratuitous remarks about..."

"Everything we think we know about the shape of the universe could be wrong. Instead of being flat like a bedsheet, our universe may be curved, like a massive, inflated balloon, according to a new study. That’s the upshot of a new paper published..."

"Being lonely hurts — it can even negatively impact your health. But the mere act of being alone with oneself doesn’t have to be bad, and experts say it can even benefit your social relationships, improve your creativity and confidence, and help..."

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren is campaigning for a 2% surtax on anyone’s net worth over $50 million and 6% on more than $1 billion. Most discussion of the wealth tax has focused on whether it could generate sufficient revenue to fund Ms. Warren’s..."

"TV depression looks fabulous. I’d love to have that kind of depression. And it’s not just TV depression; any mental illness on-screen looks rather thrilling. Either it’s dark and dramatic — unlike day-to-day depression, which is at best super..."

"Hebrew remained, to Oz, Zionism’s greatest achievement. Certainly, it was the one he was least ambivalent about. “I have said many times that I’m a chauvinist only in respect of the language,” he told the Paris Review. “I feel for the language..."

"Talk about missed connections. Earlier this week, hundreds of people received seemingly random text messages, out of context and out of the blue, addressed from friends, family, and loved ones. The first part of the mystery was solved pretty..."