May 26, 2019

United States

"Anger seldom works against Trump; he owns the currency and can always issue more of it. In addressing the rogue President directly, or speaking about him in the third person, Pelosi usually adopts a tone that is more sorrowful than angry..."

"Trump's cursing is one of the most straightforward parts of his appeal... Trump is not the only politician whose profanity has stood him in good stead."

"I often disagree with Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., but I've been disturbed by the idea that he should be run out of the Republican Party just because he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses."

"One of the particular characteristics of the Trump presidency is the way Trump consistently creates drama – some by design, some not – that makes it hard to see the broader outline of events."

"It’s increasingly clear that Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision protecting a woman’s right to choose abortion, is in jeopardy. But what is Roe all about? Privacy? Liberty? Women’s equality?"

"In a matter of weeks, moderate Joe Biden has gone from dead-on-arrival gaffe machine to undisputed front-runner. But progressive activists think they can still bring him down."

"John Bolton, President Trump's national security adviser, seemingly hasn't met a war he doesn't love... By contrast, last year President Trump said the Iraq War was "the single worst decision ever made.""

"Instead of aiming to divide and conquer, the Trumpian right seeks to divide and then divide some more... The culture war hasn't ended under Trump. It has swallowed up everything else."

"Warren has earned her wonk reputation. No other top 2020 contender can come close to the depth or breadth of her policy portfolio."

""It's important that we stop seeing religion used as a kind of cudgel as if God belonged to a political party," Buttigieg told NBC's Craig Melvin. "If it did, I can't imagine it would be the one that sent the current President into the White House."

"To be an off-season caretaker of Bodie, California (winter population: 5), you need a high tolerance for cold, solitude, and two-hour grocery runs."

"It’s hard not to get the sense we are really supposed to be both shocked and appalled by the fact that Bernie Sanders is the only living American who never quite got over the '60s counterculture..."

"With the Russia investigation over, and an obsequious attorney general in his corner, the president may be truly unleashed."

"We don’t spend much time thinking about the suburbs. That’s sort of the point — they’re purposely and pleasantly boring, a cul-de-sac monolith of culture."

"More troubling for Democrats is the shift among independents. In August 49% of them supported starting impeachment proceedings. Today only 36% do, while 59% oppose it."

"...though Trump's rules may be intended as a deterrent to illegitimate claims, they are an imprecise tool that will make an already difficult process substantially more arduous for people fleeing true persecution."

"The story goes like this: Trump is a malign interloper who swept in and “hijacked” the Republican Party, leading it astray from its true, noble ideals."

"The False Promise of the Yoga Voter: Democratic candidates are embracing New Age ideas to appeal to white suburban moms, but it might turn off everyone else."

"The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Trump had charged an American envoy with agreeing to pay a ransom of some $2 million in order to secure Warmbier’s release."

"What do we mean when we say that the “soul of the city” is under threat? Often, it’s really about politics, nostalgia, and the fear of community change."

"In little more than a decade, the American way of life will be swept away like so much historical debris... There is nothing we can do to stop this; our only recourse is to prepare for the inevitable."

"For the past three months, Americans have observed the process of drawing a target on a politician’s back. The politician is Representative Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota."

"After 9/11, my community was determined to show that the attacks would not divide us. American flags were distributed at my masjid and prayers were recited for both the Muslim and non-Muslim New Yorkers who lost their lives that day."

"The reality is, as a mayor, most of the time you’re conducting. Other people are playing the instruments. And so bringing people together is the most important part of the role."

" Andrew Yang has laid out a distinctive case that American society is in the process of self-destruction in his book, The War on Normal People. "

"Want to make a bet? President Trump's tax returns are probably full of all kinds of low-grade shady stuff. Most of these things are well known and perfectly legal."

"The generation of politicians that immediately followed John F. Kennedy—John Kerry, John Tunney and even Republicans like John Lindsay—tried so hard to emulate JFK that they enacted impersonations..."

"... the Justice Department’s report mirrors other recent accounts of inmate deaths and violence across the country that, taken together, paint a grim picture of the brutality that occurs behind prison walls."

"The 2020 Democratic Party primary reminds me of the movie Zoolander. In Zoolander, two male models engage in a “walk off,” a contest to see which vapid vessel can do the same standard model moves better than the other."

"The real question about the 32-year-old Chinese woman who was caught trying to enter Mar-a-Lago with four cellphones and a malware-loaded thumb drive isn’t how she almost succeeded. Rather, it’s how many others like her have made it through."

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JJ Editor's Daily Picks

"The results were surprising. The center-right coalition, led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, remained in power against the opposition Labor party, which had led in every poll for years."

"Anger seldom works against Trump; he owns the currency and can always issue more of it. In addressing the rogue President directly, or speaking about him in the third person, Pelosi usually adopts a tone that is more sorrowful than angry..."

"I am Mizrahi, as are the majority of Jews in Israel today. We are of Middle Eastern and North African descent. Only about 30% of Israeli Jews are Ashkenazi, or the descendants of European Jews."

"Kids are exposed to plenty of controversial social issues on a daily basis. And if parents don’t want their kids to watch “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” they can turn off the TV."

"Are public-school teachers really underpaid? It’s a claim often made during teacher pay disputes, but the same data and statistical methods that produce the “teacher salary gap” lead to some ridiculous conclusions..."

"Tech companies are getting into the business of making cities. We need to stop Silicon Valley social engineering before things get even worse."

"Having a Library or Cafe Down the Block Could Change Your Life: Living close to public amenities—from parks to grocery stores—increases trust, decreases loneliness, and restores faith in local government."

"“What name . . . shall we give to the darkness of hell...?” The question of how we can name a place such as this is at the center of scholar Scott G. Bruce’s new anthology The Penguin Book of Hell."

"She had all six of her kids — ages 5, 4, 2 (twins) and 10 months (also twins!) in her 10-seater van. To get the kids a quick snack, Curry parked in front of the Cobbler’s Café."

"Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said they grew up typically eating dinner at a kitchen table, but a little less than half said they do so now when eating at home."

"If you tied a rope tight around the Earth’s equator and then added a single yard of slack, would the extra material make any noticeable difference to someone standing on the ground?"

"While American Jewish women face attacks on our freedom and rising anti-Semitism, abortion opponents are appropriating Jewish history in order to push an agenda that hurts women."