May 19, 2019


"Hulu’s Fyre Fraud focused on social media marketing agency FuckJerry—which is trying to rebrand as Jerry Media—and its complicity in McFarland’s doomed project. But Netflix’s Fyre was mysteriously quiet on that issue..."

"The “nice guy” is perhaps one of the most fascinating (and familiar) archetypes in modern dating. To clarify, the “nice guy” is traditionally known as a man who weaponizes “niceness” in order to manipulate his partner."

"The show doesn’t advocate for small government or free-market economics—although HBO’s purchase of first-run episodes in 2016 sort of counts—but some conservative themes pop up."

"Aubrey Drake Graham won his second career Grammy Award last night... when the rapper took to the stage to receive his trophy, his acceptance speech took on a more criticizing tone than one of gratitude."

"A new documentary, ‘Rocking the Couch,’ examines why a MeToo reckoning didn’t happen earlier, and how the unions—particularly SAG-AFTRA—are complicit."

"Fearmongering on that level, with no evidence to support her wild speculation, is deeply irresponsible and extremely reminiscent of the conspiratorial ravings you’d see on Infowars or any other alternative right-wing media source."

"Judaism offers the same baroque supernatural possibilities that Christianity does. So why is it rarely a universal source for genre filmmakers? And what does it say about human evil?"

"Israel is desperate for celebrities – especially homegrown – who can lend the country legitimacy. And if it means embracing even those Israelis who unfairly condemn the country, so be it."

"If you are starting to discern a layering of references at play in this movie—to books, to movies, to archetypes—then you are on the right track. The plot’s premises almost make too much sense..."

"Sleeping With Strangers wisely does not claim to offer an exhaustive or chronological survey of sex in film—an impossible undertaking, given that the medium from the beginning has been about little else."

"We are entering the throes of peak flu season, and any one of us could be next. With something definitely going around, you don't want to be the fool who wakes up unprepared."

"As in every single piece of entertainment ever made about this killer, the show heavily emphasizes how impossible it seemed that he could have been guilty of these crimes. He seemed smart, normal, handsome, well-adjusted, everyone says."

"The Golem, the latest movie by the brother filmmaking duo Doron and Yoav Paz, is an energetic English-language retelling of the legend of the golem, set in a Lithuanian shtetl in the 1670s."

"The star’s charismatic and creepy performance as the notorious serial killer is the best thing about an otherwise pedestrian and graceless drama."

"Netflix is ditching Silicon Valley and going Hollywood. The streaming video giant has left an influential tech trade group and joined the Motion Picture Association of America, signaling a fundamental shift in how the streaming firm views itself..."

"The portrait of Singer that emerges is of a troubled man who surrounded himself with vulnerable teenage boys, many of them estranged from their families. Their accounts suggest that Singer didn’t act alone..."

"Millennials have come to believe, Petersen writes, that “personal spaces should be optimized just as much as one’s self and career.” But the conspicuous nature of #KonMari also suggests a larger vacuum."

"...the streamlined “Conan” will have him doing remote segments that let him improvise, like mocking modern videogames with fellow celebrities as the “Clueless Gamer,” or leaving the Los Angeles studio and cracking jokes as a fish out of water..."

"In director Chris Smith's new Netflix documentary, Fyre – about the "elephant of a clusterf--k" that Fyre Festival actually became – we see footage of tech entrepreneur and Fyre founder Billy McFarland telling a bunch of the world's biggest supermo"

"Two new documentaries take on Billy McFarland and his disastrous music festival... the secret villain of this story all along: the subtle menace of social media marketing."

"I've always wondered what fans see in her. After debating with a friend about her “merits” for over half a decade now, I thought I had found the one thing that could probably change my opinion of the pop star: the Reputation tour documentary..."

"From Freddie Mercury to Queen Anne, awards season is set to be dominated by queer characters played by non-LGBT performers. So is this sexuality’s equivalent of blackface – or is it simply acting?"

"I don’t think we need only Jewish actors playing Jewish roles. This is not in any way a statement against diversity in screen representation. Quite the opposite..."

"Fluidly capturing the trajectory of a ruinous obsession, the writer and director, Sara Colangelo, skillfully fudges the line between mentoring and manipulation, and between nurturing talent and appropriating it."

"Of the many people accused of sexual misconduct as part of the #MeToo movement, C.K. and Ansari seemed like they might be uniquely equipped to reckon with the allegations against them, perhaps even adding something to the public conversation..."

"... if you’re looking for the definition of a worthy case for a boycott, you’ll find it in Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” miniseries, which concluded last weekend, and the long-running #MuteRKelly campaign."

"The term “successful comedian” has always been something of an oxymoron—there’s nothing funny about a rich entertainment icon. This is the premise of Ellen DeGeneres’s new, decorous Netflix special, “Relatable.”"

"Paris, Lindsay, Britney: Ten years later, Lili Anolik looks back at the starlets who introduced a new kind of fame—and a new kind of epic flameout."

"What was Netflix really thinking when it caved to Saudi pressure and yanked an episode of the comedian Hasan Minhaj’s new show, “Patriot Act,” which featured a monologue criticizing a Saudi Arabian royal?"

"The show features Japanese neatness queen Marie Kondo... as Kondo systematically helped her clients comb through forgotten corners and cull excess, I did feel an itch to get up and do it myself."

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JJ Editor's Daily Picks

"Thousands of gay rights supporters gathered in heavy rain outside parliament in the capital, Taipei, to watch a live broadcast of the proceedings. Supporters shouted “First in Asia!” after the article was passed."

"It’s increasingly clear that Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision protecting a woman’s right to choose abortion, is in jeopardy. But what is Roe all about? Privacy? Liberty? Women’s equality?"

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being cautious about engaging Israel in the US-Iran tensions, though he would surely not object to an American attack on Iran."

"Hello. I’m a person who has never watched Game of Thrones. You’re a person who has watched every episode. Here is what I have learned about you through the cultural osmosis..."

"The vacation rental industry is mired in claims that it harms neighborhoods and housing markets. Can a nonprofit co-op make the tourist trend a community asset?"

"One of the many important facets of special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry is his observation that President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter and other mass media could subvert the criminal-justice system."

"Even in a profession where major commissions rarely materialize before a man (and, beginning only recently, a woman) is well past fifty, it is hard for anyone alive today to remember a time when I.M. Pei was not a dominant, commanding figure."

"If you’re old enough to remember the Soviet Union, you’ve probably wondered why so many young people today seem attracted to socialism. One influence is Howard Zinn, who published “A People’s History of the United States” in 1980..."

"Moms and dads may be new to microdosing, but the trend has been bubbling for years in Silicon Valley. The tech set claim that taking 10 to 20 micrograms of LSD every few days makes them more creative..."

"In 1983, the Italian-Israeli professor Sandra Debenedetti Stow stunned the scholarly world with an explosive article that proposed that Jews introduced pizza to the European diet."

"During a military mission, whether in peace or in war, if a pilot or soldier can’t identify an object, they have a serious problem: How should they react, without knowing if it is neutral, friendly or threatening? "

"Wouk, an Orthodox Jew, embodied the new postwar possibilities for American Jews and his writing helped normalize Judaism within the larger American landscape..."