World Leaders Respond to October 7th Terrorist Attacks in Israel

Statements from Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministries of Foreign Affairs.
October 8, 2023
The German government projected an Israeli flag onto the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany on October 7, 2023. (Photo credit: Federal Republic of Germany)

All listed statements are sourced via official X (formerly known as Twitter) accounts from Presidents, Prime Ministers or Ministries of Foreign Affairs on October 7, 2023.  When an English-language statement was unavailable, X’s Google Translate feature was used.

United States: President Joe Biden

This morning, I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the horrific and ongoing attacks in Israel.  The United States unequivocally condemns this appalling assault against Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, and I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the Government and people of Israel. Terrorism is never justified. Israel has a right to defend itself and its people. The United States warns against any other party hostile to Israel seeking advantage in this situation.  My Administration’s support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering.

Jill and I are keeping in our prayers all of the families who have been hurt by this violence. We are heartbroken by the lives that have been tragically cut short and hope for a swift recovery for all those who have been wounded.

My team and I are tracking this situation closely, and I will remain in close touch with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada strongly condemns the current terrorist attacks against Israel. These acts of violence are completely unacceptable. We stand with Israel and fully support its right to defend itself. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this. Civilian life must be protected.

Mexico: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The @SRE_mx condemns the attacks suffered by the people of Israel with the regrettable loss of human lives. Mexico sends its condolences to the families of the victims. In the same way, it calls for an end to this inappropriate violence, in order to avoid an escalation that causes greater damage and suffering to the civilian population. Mexico considers it essential to resume the process of direct and good faith negotiations between both parties, leading to a fair, full and definitive peace agreement. The above, within the framework of the two-state solution, recognizing the right of Israel and Palestine to coexist in peace, within mutually agreed upon and internationally recognized secure borders, in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the United Nations.

Panama: President Laurentino Cortizo

Panama firmly condemns the recent attacks against the people of Israel. We deeply regret the victims and injuries, and we reject all forms of violence. We express our solidarity with the Isrselí people in these difficult times.

Jamaica: Prime Minister Andrew Holness

(1/3) The Government of Jamaica condemns in strongest terms the attack by the Hamas group on Israel, resulting in the deaths, injury and abduction of Israeli civilians. We convey our sympathies to the Government and people of Israel and to the families of all those affected.

(2/3) Jamaica firmly believes that the use of violence and terror has no place in international relations and should never be used against innocent civilians.

(3/3) We call for a cessation of hostilities, a return to peace within internationally agreed guidelines and the pursuit of diplomatic solutions.

Argentina: President Alberto Fernández

I express my strong condemnation and repudiation of the brutal terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas from the Gaza Strip against the State of Israel. May the people of Israel receive all the solidarity of this president and the Argentine people. Once again, we ratify Argentina’s commitment to peace and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. I have arranged for the immediate sending of humanitarian aid to Israel to accompany them in this difficult time.

Brazil: President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

I was shocked by the terrorist attacks carried out today against civilians in Israel, which caused numerous victims. In expressing my condolences to the families of the victims, I reaffirm my rejection of terrorism in any of its forms. Brazil will spare no efforts to prevent the escalation of the conflict, including when exercising the Presidency of the UN Security Council. I call on the international community to work to immediately resume negotiations that lead to a solution to the conflict that guarantees the existence of an economically viable Palestinian State, coexisting peacefully with Israel within safe borders for both sides.

Uruguay: President Luis Lacalle Pou

“Our solidarity with Israel. We strongly condemn the attack by Hamas and call for an immediate end to violence against the Israeli people. Once again we condemn terrorist actions wherever they are carried out.”

Chile: Minister of Foreign Affairs Alberto van Klaveren

“We follow with great concern the terrorist attack against Israel and we stand in solidarity with the victims and their families. We condemn the use of violence and demand its immediate cessation. We remain committed to the peace process between Israel and Palestine. The use of force against civilians is never acceptable in armed conflicts, even in the exercise of legitimate defense. We call on all parties involved in acts of violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories to respect that basic principle. That goes for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the State of Israel and any other actor intervening in the conflict.”

Venezuela: Minister of Foreign Affairs Yván Gil Pinto

“Venezuela expresses its deep concern about the evolution of recent events in the Gaza Strip, while considering that the escalation is the result of the inability of the Palestinian people to find a space in multilateral international legality to assert their rights. historical rights.”

Colombia: President Gustavo Petro

Terrorism is killing innocent children, whether in Colombia or Palestine. The world has asked for it and so has my government. I ask Israel and Palestine to come to a table to negotiate peace and allow the existence of two states and two free and sovereign nations; Israel and Palestine

France: President Emmauel Macron

I strongly condemn the current terrorist attacks against Israel. I express my full solidarity with the victims, their families and loved ones. I have spoken to President Herzog and Prime Minister Netanyahu. I condemn the attacks carried out from Gaza on Israel, its soldiers and its people. France stands in solidarity with Israel and the Israelis, committed to their security and their right to defend themselves.

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

I am shocked by this morning’s attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli citizens. Israel has an absolute right to defend itself. We’re in contact with Israeli authorities, and British nationals in Israel should follow travel advice. As the barbarity of today’s atrocities becomes clearer, we stand unequivocally with Israel. This attack by Hamas is cowardly and depraved. We have expressed our full solidarity to @netanyahu and will work with international partners in the next 24 hours to co-ordinate support.

Germany: Federal Chancellor Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz

In solidarity with #Israel.

Russia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: 

Russia is gravely concerned over a sharp escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  We call on the Palestinian & Israeli sides to implement an immediate ceasefire, & begin, a negotiation process.

Hungary: President Katalin Novák

“I strongly condemn the attacks against #Israel that claim human lives. #Hungary affirms its unwavering support for Israel. My thoughts and prayers with @Isaac_Herzog and the Jewish people in these difficult times.”

Ukraine: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Horrible news from Israel. My condolences go out to everyone who lost relatives or close ones in the terrorist attack. We have faith that order will be restored and terrorists will be defeated.

Terror should have no place in the world, because it is always a crime, not just against a specific country or this terror’s victims, but against humanity in general and our entire world.

Anyone who resorts to terror commits a crime against the world. Whoever finances terror is committing a crime against the world. The world must stand united and in solidarity so that terror does not attempt to break or subjugate life anywhere and at any moment.

Israel’s right to self-defense is unquestionable.

All details surrounding this terrorist assault must be revealed so that the world knows and holds accountable everyone who supported and helped carry out the attack.

All Ukrainian citizens who remain in the risk zone must carefully obey all orders issued by local security services and remain vigilant. Please be cautious. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassy in Israel are ready to assist in any situation.

To support Ukrainians in Israel, we established an operational headquarters. If you require assistance, please contact any of our diplomatic or consular offices in any convenient and accessible manner.

Every life is valuable! We condemn all forms of terrorism.

Today, the entire world saw horrifying videos from Israel. Terrorists humiliate women and men, detain even the elderly, and show no mercy.

Ukraine, Part 2:

In the face of such a terrorist strike, everyone who values life must stand in solidarity.

We in Ukraine have a special feeling about what has happened. Thousands of rockets in the Israeli sky… People killed just on the streets… Civilian cars shot through… Detainees being humiliated…

Our position is crystal clear: anyone who causes terror and death anywhere on the planet must be held accountable.

Today’s terrorist attack on Israel was well-planned, and the entire world knows which sponsors of terrorism could have endorsed and enabled its organization.

Israel has the full right to defend itself against terror. As any other state. And it’s critical that the whole world responds to terror in a unified and principled manner.

Netherlands: Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Just spoke with Prime Minister @netanyahu about the unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israel. I told him that the Netherlands unequivocally condemns this terrorist violence and fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself.

Belgium: Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

We stand with Israel in these dark hours. The terror attacks that strike your cities can only be condemned in the strongest terms. Our thoughts are with the families and friends who lost their loved ones. We call for restraint and an immediate end to this violence.

Italy: Palazzo Chigi – Official Residence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

This evening the facade of Palazzo Chigi is lit up with the Israeli flag as a sign of solidarity for the attack

Switzerland: President Alain Berset

Switzerland condemns the rocket strikes and attacks from #Gaza against #Israel. We call for an immediate end to the violence and respect for the protection of civilians. I express my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims.

Sweden: Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson

The Swedish government condemns in the strongest possible terms the attacks on Israel by terrorist group Hamas. Deplore loss of life and stand by Israel’s right to defend itself. Regional escalation must be avoided.

Turkey: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are deeply concerned about the violence and tension in Israel and Palestine today (October 7).

We attach great importance to the restoration of tranquility in the region as soon as possible, and we strongly condemn the loss of civilian lives. We emphasize that acts of violence and related escalations will not benefit anyone, and we call on the parties to act with restraint and avoid impulsive steps.

As Turkey, we are always ready to contribute as much as we can to ensure that these developments can be taken under control before they escalate further and spread to a wider area. In this regard, we continue our intensive contacts with relevant parties.

These sad developments once again show the importance of the two-state solution vision. We invite the parties to give up the use of force and work for a permanent solution in line with this vision, without further delay.

Spain: President Pedro Sánchez

We follow with dismay the terrorist attack against Israel and we stand in solidarity with the victims and their families. We strongly condemn terrorism and demand the immediate cessation of indiscriminate violence against the civilian population. Spain maintains its commitment to regional stability.

Austria: President Alexander Van der Bellen

I am horrified to hear the news today about the brutal attack on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip. A large part of Israel is now being attacked by Hamas with thousands of rockets. The shelling kills, destroys and forces the population to enter the shelters. In the south of the country, civilians are murdered, taken hostage, kidnapped, the bodies of the fallen soldiers and soldiers are exhumed and videos of these crimes are triumphantly distributed on social networks. The situation resembles pogrom conditions. I condemn this scenario in the strongest possible terms! Nothing justifies these actions. My condolences go out to all the peace-loving people on both sides of the border who live under threat, who lost loved ones or were injured. I hope all hostilities will stop soon. This decades-old conflict can only be resolved at the negotiating table.

(President ​​Alexander Van der Bellen posted in Hebrew)

Romania: President Klaus Iohannis

Romania strongly condemns this morning’s rocket attacks against Israel. We stand in full solidarity with Israel in these terrible moments. Our thoughts are with the families of victims and with those who are under fire.

Poland: President Andrzej Duda

I’m shocked by today’s brutal attacks on Israel by Hamas. Rockets attacks and detention of civilians as hostages arouse our deepest opposition. Poland strongly condemns all acts of violence. I would like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to all those affected by the attacks. I’ve had a phone call with President @Isaac_Herzogto whom I conveyed our solidarity with Israel. I condemned Hamas’ attack, especially the acts of violence against civilians. I assured of the Polish support for the actions aimed at restoring security. Israel has a right to protect the life of its citizens.

Ireland: Minister of Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin

Speaking to the media earlier I strongly condemned the attacks by Hamas on Israel. I’m very concerned now about civilians both in Israel and in Gaza and it’s very important that every effort is made to de-escalate the violence and protect lives of innocent civilians. 

India: President Narendra Modi

Deeply shocked by the news of terrorist attacks in Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with Israel at this difficult hour.

Japan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. Japan strongly condemns the launch of a number of rockets as well as infiltration into the Israeli territories from the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other Palestinian militants on October 7 local time.
  2. Japan offers its condolences to the bereaved families and expresses its heartfelt sympathies to the injured.
  3. Japan urges all the parties concerned to exercise maximum restraint in order to avoid further damage and casualties.

Singapore: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Singapore strongly condemns the rocket and terror attacks from Gaza on Israel, which have resulted in deaths and injuries of many innocent civilians. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims. We call for an immediate end to the violence and urge all sides to do their utmost to protect the safety and security of civilians.

Pakistan: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar

Heartbroken by the escalating violence in the Middle East, which underscores the urgent need to address the Palestine Question. We urge restraint and protection of civilians. Enduring peace in the Middle East lies in a two state solution with a viable, contiguous, sovereign State of Palestine, founded on pre-1967 borders, with Al Quds Al-Sharif at its heart. #MiddleEastPeace

South Africa: Department of International Relations & Cooperation

“South Africa expresses its grave concern over the recent devastating escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The new conflagration has arisen from the continued illegal occupation of Palestine land, continued settlement expansion, desecration of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Christian holy sites, and ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people. The region is in desperate need of a credible peace process that delivers on the calls of a plethora of previous UN resolutions for a two-state solution and a just and comprehensive peace between Israel and Palestine…”

Morocco: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates

The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its deep concern at the deterioration of the situation and the outbreak of military action in the Gaza Strip, and condemns attacks against civilians wherever they may be.

The Kingdom, which has repeatedly warned of the repercussions of the political deadlock on peace in the region, and of the risks of aggravated tensions resulting from it […]

[…] calls for an immediate halt to all acts of violence and a return to calm, while avoiding all forms of escalation that could undermine the chances of peace in the region.

The Kingdom of Morocco, whose Sovereign, HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, chairs the Al Quds Committee, stresses that dialogue and negotiations remain the only way to achieve a comprehensive and lasting solution to the Palestinian question […]

[…] based on the resolutions of international legality and the two-state principle, as agreed internationally.

Egypt: Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt

Shoukry discusses with the US Secretary of State ways to contain the current crisis between the Palestinians and Israelis and stop the escalation… Shoukry stresses that a comprehensive and just settlement of the Palestinian issue is the only solution to stop the vicious cycle of violence.

Egypt Part 2:

Egyptian/Saudi and Egyptian/Jordanian consultations to intensify efforts to contain the escalation in the Gaza Strip… Shukri stresses in his communications the necessity of uniting international and regional efforts, and unifying the messages of the international community to demand an end to the violence and the opportunity for calm between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Kenya: Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs

It is with grave concern and profound dismay that Kenya’s @ForeignOfficeKE condemns, in the strongest terms possible, the unprovoked attack by Hamas militants on the people of Israel early today.

Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is closely following the developments of the unprecedented situation between a number of Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation forces, which has resulted in a high level of violence on several fronts there.

Bahrain: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Kingdom of Bahrain is closely following the developments taking place between Palestinian groups and Israeli forces, leading to an increase in violence and armed attacks that claimed the lives of a number of people and injured others. It stresses the need for de-escalation among all parties to preserve the lives of people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns that the continuation of violence will impede the efforts aiming at achieving a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, calling upon the international community to take its role in ending the armed conflict and protecting civilians in line with the international humanitarian law, in addition to supporting the peace process and establishing the Palestinian state according to the two-state solution and other international legitimacy resolutions.

United Arab Emirates: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The United Arab Emirates has expressed great concern regarding the escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, and stressed the importance of halting escalation and preserving the lives of civilians. The UAE has expressed its sincere condolences to all the victims of the recent crisis.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) stressed that the UAE has called for exercising the utmost restraint and an immediate ceasefire in order to avoid serious repercussions.

The Ministry expressed that the UAE, as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, urges the international community to immediately reactivate the international Quartet to revive the path process of Arab-Israeli peace, and increase all efforts to achieve a just and comprehensive peace, and prevent the region from experiencing further violence, tension, and instability.

Australia: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Australia stands with our friend Israel in this time. We condemn the indiscriminate and abhorrent attacks by Hamas on Israel, its cities and civilians. We recognise Israel’s right to defend itself.

New Zealand: Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta

Aotearoa New Zealand is deeply concerned at the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Gaza. We call for the immediate cessation of violence. The protection of all civilians, and upholding of international humanitarian law is essential.

New Zealand Part 2:

New Zealand utterly condemns the terrorist attacks led by Hamas on Israel, and continues to urge restraint from all parties in the region in order to prevent the further loss of civilian lives.

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