Milstein Family Foundation to Hold Third Annual Israel Video Contest

May 25, 2018
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The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation announced on May 23 that they would be holding their third annual “Inspired by Israel” video contest, where the grand-prize winner will receive an $8,000 cash prize.

The contest will feature people from around the world submitting videos that show “Israel’s immense value to the world and/or seeks to spread an important pro-Israel message will be eligible for this contest,” according to the contest’s website, Israel Video Network.

Those who want to participate in the contest have until June 24 to register and then have until July 23 to submit videos. Once all the videos are submitted, there is a voting period between August 6-13 by the public.

The top 10 vote-getting videos will then go before a panel of judges – which includes Jewish Journal Editor-In-Chief David Suissa, Students Supporting Israel Chair Valeria Chazin and Stand By Me President Gila Milstein – who will have until the end of August to determine the winning videos.

There will be nineteen awards handed out in total, all of which are varying degrees of cash prizes depending on where the videos place.

“This contest is a chance for both professional and amateur filmmakers to show the world the amazing people, places and innovations of Israel,” Israel-American Council chair Adam Milstein said in the press release. “Israel’s incredible accomplishments, history, and people ignite pride and courage in Jewish people around the world and inspire people of all backgrounds and faiths. In this contest they can express those feelings through humor, original music, documentary-style research, and more.”

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