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February 28, 2013

This post originally appeared on the ” target=”_blank”>PresenTenseLA, The ” target=”_blank”>Jewish Federation’s PresenTenseLA gives social entrepreneurs the leadership skills, business tools and connections – through a Jewish lens – that turns ideas into ventures which will engage, inspire, and transform the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Below are reflections from Johannah Sohn, one of our PresenTenseLA Fellows:

During our first PresenTenseLA meeting, we were asked to share one adjective that best described how we were feeling. I said, “Excited.” I am very excited to be a part of the first cohort of PresenTense fellows in Los Angeles, but as I reflect upon our first day together, I need to add several adjectives to that list.

Inspired; I feel truly inspired by both the creative and bright group of fellows, as well as the PresenTenseLA program itself. On Sunday, we were presented with an overview of the program curriculum and I can't wait for the next seminars, there is so much to think about and to learn!

Honored; during lunch we all had the opportunity to meet our coaches and mentors. I was fortunate enough to have my entire team present: my coach and two mentors. Though our meeting was brief, it was clear to me that I had been speaking to incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and skilled guides who would play significant roles in shaping my venture – and me. I felt so honored, and so lucky, that they all took time from their busy lives to be there on Sunday.

Grateful; I am very grateful to have been selected to participate in this program. I am really looking forward to the next five months and learning all that I can from the incredible fellows, mentors, coaches and facilitators.

Johannah Sohn is the Director of the Jewish Learning Community of

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