February 16, 2012

‘Footnote’ could make this Israel’s year to win [VIDEO]

For Israelis, winning the country’s first Oscar would be akin to scoring its first Olympic gold medal, which happened at the 2004 Games in Athens. “If ‘Footnote’ gets the Academy Award for best foreign language film, the reaction would be tremendous,” Katriel Schory said recently, on the phone from Tel Aviv. “We need any piece of good news, and it would cheer everybody up.”

Jewish groups praise Obama contraceptives compromise

Jewish groups on both sides of a contraceptives controversy praised President Barack Obama’s compromise allowing religious institutions to direct staff to alternative health care plans funding such services.

The mirth of the Bar Mitzvah

Think of what might happen to the Jewish calendar if literary scholars got their hands on it. Tisha B’Av would be classified as a tragedy, Tu B’Shevat would come under the heading of the pastoral, and Yom Kippur could serve as a soliloquy. But what would the bar mitzvah ceremony be? The answer is obvious: a comedy.

The high cost of how women relate to money

There are a number of topics society has told us we aren’t supposed to discuss in mixed company. Religion, for example, has long been a forbidden subject between people of different faiths. Politics is mostly swept under the rug among people of different parties. Money, something that we all have feelings about, has never been a polite conversation piece.

How to get paid what you want

Whether you’re looking for a new job or are a recent graduate, you might be so thrilled to get a job offer — any offer — that you settle for less than you should. Here are five strategies to get paid what you really want:

My Single Peeps: Dina S.

Dina grew up in Michigan, one of only a few Jews in her area. Her parents, who themselves had met at a Camp Ramah, sent her to Camp Ramah in Canada so she could meet other Jews. “I really loved it,” she told me. She spent 10 summers there as a camper and counselor — even after her family moved to California when her father, a professor, got a teaching position here.

Protecting the innocent

“You shall not take up a false report” (Exodus 23:2). Steve Leaderman, 38, was on trial this month for failing to disperse, having been arrested on Nov. 30 during the final stand of the Occupy L.A. protest at City Hall Plaza. Tried before a jury, these criminal cases carry up to 100 days in prison and hefty fines.

Calendar Picks and Clicks: February 18–24

Traditional Eastern European masters Michael Alpert (accordion, vocals) and Julian Kytasty (bandura) perform a special concert that blends the musical traditions of the Pale of Settlement. Part of the YidARTS 2012 season, the program features lyrical love songs, ballads of courting, and melodies of marital mayhem and tragic separation.

More news and opinions than at a
Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.