May 11, 2006

Interest Increases as Deadline Nears

Susie Tiffany of Beverly Hills suffers from a rare blood disorder and needs monthly infusions of blood components, which her insurance company ultimately declined to cover. She hoped the government\’s new prescription drug benefit would help her out because, despite her ZIP code, she\’s a low-income senior. But the possibilities, were baffling: an array of private insurance plans that covered different things, explanations on the Internet that included terms she never had to know before, additional complexities depending on a person\’s income and a confusing interplay of state and federal agencies. However, Tiffany was able to find assistance in her case from Jewish Family Service. A social worker helped get Tiffany\’s treatment covered by new state funds intended to help seniors with the transition to the new federal system.

Community Briefs

Psychiatrist, writer and activist Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian expatriate and \”American-by-choice,\” has become one of the most famous Muslim heretics

Mom: Resist

When stuck with a rebellious child, gluttonous and thieving, the Torah has a tidy solution: Kill him. Or her.

Mother and Daughter Authors Are Klass Act

Sheila Solomon Klass and Dr. in Perri Klass — mother and daughter co-authors — don\’t finish each other\’s sentences, but they do elaborate on them

Comforting Mothers Without Mothers

\”My childhood skidded to a stop on a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of my 15th year, with my mother\’s first mammogram results,\” writes Hope Edelman in her moving new book, \”Motherless Mothers: How Mother Loss Shapes the Parents We Become\” (Harper Collins). For Edelman, her mother\’s illness and subsequent death from cancer two years later in 1981 were the beginning of a journey of loss, self-exploration and eventual emotional redemption that has spanned nearly a quarter-century and spawned three well-received books on the subject.

Nation & World Briefs

American tycoon Warren Buffett invested $4 billion in an Israeli manufacturing firm

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Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.