January 12, 2006


Though a regional economic and military superpower, Israel had been powerless in the world of negotiations to address the clearly identified threat to its survival. The Palestinians had the ability to hold Israel hostage by refusing to agree to any settlement that would end Israel\’s occupation.

Clear Ideological Focus Marks Olmert

Olmert was one of the chief architects of Sharon\’s main foreign policy achievement — last summer\’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank. When Sharon broke away last November from his ruling Likud Party to form a new centrist party, Kadima, Olmert was one of the first to follow him.

Uncertain Time for Likud in America

The official American Friends of Likud organization, in the midst of a California and national expansion drive, has come down solidly in support of Benjamin \”Bibi\” Netanyahu, the new head of the Likud Party.

‘Top Gun’ Lawyer Aims to Aid Likud

Born into a strongly Democratic family but later a founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Berman, at 51, is a man of strong physique and opinions.\n\n\”I am fed up with intermarriage and with rabbis who reach out to gay and intermarried couples,\” he said during an interview in his spacious Sunset Boulevard office.

Israeli Government Gets on With It

As the prime minister lay in a post-operative coma Sunday, his temporary replacement, acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, chaired the weekly Cabinet meeting.

\”We hope that the prime minister will recover, gain strength and with God\’s help will return to run the government of Israel and lead the State of Israel,\” Olmert said.

Abramoff Linked to Jewish Ventures

Specifically, Abramoff allegedly using money from a Washington charity he oversaw to fund military-style programs in the West Bank. Indian tribes donated money to tax-exempt charities, believing they were supporting anti-gambling foundations, but the money was redirected to help a \”sniper school\” in the West Bank, operated by a friend of Abramoff.


Letters to the Editor

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Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.