December 23, 2004

Meet the Fockers

The loud, affectionate, occasionally crude, left-wing bohemian Fockers are essentially the polar opposites of the Byrneses. And so the fun begins, as Greg tries to convince his future father-in-law that his family won\’t be a \”chink in the chain\” of his lineage.

Can One Imagine Another Herzl Arising?

The funeral took place in Vienna on July 7, 1904. The stunning announcement had come on the 4th: Theodore Herzl, dead at age 44.

Here is Stefan Zweig\’s description of the day:

Making 2005 a Year of Peace in Israel

In a keynote speech last week at the Herzliya Conference on Israel\’s National Security, Sharon declared that \”2005 will be the year of great opportunity,\” with \”a chance for an historic breakthrough in our relations with the Palestinians, a breakthrough we have been waiting for years.\”

FBI Delay Raises AIPAC Case Issues

The chronology is important, say several sources with direct access to the prosecution\’s case, because it suggests that that meeting produced insufficient grounds for the FBI to pursue a case against AIPAC.

Awards Appreciate the Unappreciated

The Jewish Educator Awards luncheon, hosted by award sponsors the Milken Family Foundation (MFF) and the Bureau of Jewish Education (BJE) of Greater Los Angeles, is a yearly fest of pride, love and admiration for the wide swath of Jews who belong to Los Angeles\’ day school world.

Charities Seek Ties to MTV Generation

If Jewish federations and agencies fail to forge a close relationship with this highly independent generation of Jews, Jewish charities, experts say, might struggle greatly in years to come.

Lighten Up on Christmas and Christians

Even in relatively tolerant and officially secular America, Jews long have had to do a dance around the holidays of the majority population. There\’s a national party going on and, let\’s face it, we are not invited.

‘Heaven’s’ Mysterious Spirits

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin said that he was inspired to write the book, which CBS plans to bring to the small screen in fall 2005, after he conducted a hypnotic regression with a friend of his who went back to a life in the year 1853.

A fashion ‘do’

Trends in apparel production are extremely important. Fashion is a $24.3 billion industry in California, and some of its larger corporations are intimately linked to Jewish philanthropic causes. Jewish involvement in the business nationwide stretches back 100 years, when European immigrants struggled to lift their families into the middle class.

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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.