September 2, 2004

Irvine Orthodox Plan to Erect Eruv

Sean Samuels, a Beth Jacob board member, was instrumental in the quest to erect Irvine\’s eruv, which should be operational by Rosh Hashanah.

Is Israel Spy Claim a Neocon Backlash?

Hours after CBS News first reported that federal officials were investigating a possible Israeli \”mole\” at the Pentagon, the first analysis hit the wires claiming that the emerging scandal wouldn\’t damage U.S.-Israel relations.

Jewish Arsonist Worked for Paris Center

Paris police say a 52-year-old Jewish man arrested Monday morning in connection with the Aug. 22 torching of the Judaeo-Spanish social center in the capital\’s 11th district is the principal suspect in the arson.

A Perestroika for Russian Women

It\’s not every day the words \”brit milah\” work their way into conversation, let alone in discussing a 12-year-old boy. But here in the Russian air they hang for a moment.

Israel Buries Beersheba Bombing Victims

Again Israel turns to mourning the dead, but this time the list of those killed has been slow in coming. As the bombs used in suicide bombings become more sophisticated, producing deadlier and deadlier blasts, it takes more time to identify the remains of the dead.

Jewish + Humor = ‘Jumor’

\”\’Jumor\’ is a look into our own culture through our elderly community,\” Aaron Krinsky said. \”The more homes we visited, the more we realized we were interested in the stories itself, not the comics who told them.\”

Playwright’s Alter Ego Returns Home

\”Boy\” revolves around 40ish novelist Eric Weiss, who returns home — actually to the hospital where he was born — to visit his dying father, Manny, a shoe salesman. It\’s his first trip back in a while, and he\’s ambivalent: \”I saw what Brooklyn did to my parents, and I knew I had to get the hell out of here,\” he tells a friend. \”I saw … the fear, the xenophobia, the suffocating double grip the Holocaust and the Depression had around their throats.\”

B’nai Mitzvah for the Young at Heart

\”At age 76, I\’m finally coming of age,\” said Arthur Oaks, who read directly from the Torah during the b\’nai mitzvah service, which is more traditional. \”I never thought I would have the opportunity. When they announced the class, I jumped at the chance.\”

More news and opinions than at a
Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.