April 2, 1998


\”I\’m a Jewish girl, and my husband\’s a Catholic,\”says Barbara Lazaroff, who has been married for 15 years to renownedchef Wolfgang Puck.\n\nAbout 12 years ago, Passover was a lonesome timefor Lazaroff, most of whose Jewish relatives lived out of town. SoSpago regulars nudged her to create a restaurant seder, and she consulted withhubby Wolf (\”He said, \’We can make shrimp.\’ I said, \’I don\’t thinkso,\’\” Lazaroff quips).\n\nThe result was the first seder ever held in anupscale Los Angeles eatery, with kosher-style (i.e., not strictlykosher) fare a la Puck\’s trendy-interpretive cuisine.

L.A. 5758

As Rabbi Allen Freehling of University Synagogue in West Los Angeles and a bus load of bishops and rabbis left the Rome airport for their hotel near the Vatican, one of the bishops read aloud a document that would soon spark a firestorm of controversy around the world: the Vatican\’s March 16 statement on the Holocaust, released just hours before. The group had just flown in from Israel, where they had spent a week worshiping together, learning about each other\’s histories, and beginning to understand, as only true friends can, what the other believes.

ArtsThe Year’s Best Jewish Children’s Books

Last month,the Association of Jewish Libraries announced the winners of its Sydney Taylor Award for this year\’s most distinguished contributions to Jewish children\’s literature.\n


While many note the westward journey of Jews into areas such as Calabasas, West Hills and Agoura, few realize there\’s a small renaissance going on in the East Valley.

The Movies’ Music Man

The list of films for which Elmer Bernstein has written orchestral scores reads like a roll call of cinema\’s all-time classics: \”The Ten Commandments,\” \”The Age of Innocence,\” \”The Magnificent Seven,\” \”Ghostbusters,\” \”To Kill A Mockingbird,\” \”CapeFear,\” \”True Grit,\” \”Animal House,\” \”The Great Escape,\” \”My Left Foot\”…just to name a few.

Up Front

It all started because of the theft of my automobile. One sunny morning, while waiting for my car pool, I noticed something in a storefront window across the street, just behind some citizens standing at a bus stop. It was a monkey. In a diaper.

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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.