February 5, 1998

Up Front

A woman in a fancy hat approaches Bert Dragin at Spago. She wantsto know if he is an actor, someone from \”Dallas\” or \”Falcon Crest.\”\n\nActually, the distinguished, sixtyish Dragin is not an actor; he\’sa film producer who sold his Cleveland-based furniture business andmoved out here to get into the movies in 1981. But he is \”doinglunch\” at Spago to talk about his latest, very non-Hollywood project:directing Paddy Chayefsky\’s \”The Tenth Man\” at the West Valley JewishCommunity Center.

Torah Portion

Here\’s a story that will sadden and amaze you. It\’s Jean Dominique Bauby\’s story. In 1995, he was theeditor-in-chief of Elle magazine in France, the father of two young children, a 43-year-old man known and loved for his wit, his style and his passion for life.

Israel Won’t Remain

Seven years ago, when Saddam Hussein hurled 39 Scud missiles at Tel Aviv, Israel reluctantly refrained from retaliating. The Bush administration convinced Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir that an Israeli blow at Iraq would undermine the anti-Baghdad coalition assembled for Operation Desert Storm.

The Exoneration of

When I was growing up in New York in the 1950s, the liberal-leftist microcosm that was my world had one unmitigated villain: Elia Kazan.

A Woman’s Voice

Stop the presses: The Jewish communityis ready to discover…singles. That\’s right. What intermarriage and\”continuity\” were to the 1990s, singles will be in the years ahead: agroup to study, court, serve and, finally, value.


Letters to the editor

Power, Politics And People

Israeli lawmaker Alex Lubotsky was having a bad day on Jan. 29. Hehad come to Jerusalem\’s Ramada hotel to address a visiting group ofOrthodox Jews from America, to plead for their support of thecompromise conversion plan authored by Finance Minister YaakovNeeman.


The sixth annual Pan African Film Festival, the largest U.S.festival dedicated to black cinema, will exhibit more than 60features, shorts and documentaries from across North America, Africa,Europe and the South Pacific. Of particular interest to the Jewishcommunity is the documentary \”Blacks and Jews,\” which examines theissues confronting both groups by telling five contemporary stories:a West Indian man who saves the life of a Chassid in Crown Heights atthe peak of the 1991 riots; a conflict between black home buyers andJewish real estate speculators in a Chicago neighborhood; one man\’sjourney through the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan\’s anti-Semitism;stereotypes about Jewish control of Hollywood; and themuch-publicized Oakland high school students who were kicked out of ascreening of \”Schindler\’s List.\”

Federation Matters

In 1948, the world agreed to the creation of the State of Israel in a moment of stricken conscience over its outrageous failure to stop or even attempt to mitigate the effects of the Holocaust.

The Big Fear

There was such a crush of people at the gas-mask distribution center in Tel Aviv\’s Central Bus Station this week that a portable fence had to be set up at the doorway — just to keep people from pushing their way in.

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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.