March 30, 2020

Setting the Record Straight About J Street – by Jeremy Ben Ami, Times of Israel

As a follow-up to my blog yesterday entitled “The Truth About J Street,” I include a longer letter written by J Street's President Jeremy Ben Ami in “Times of Israel” yesterday called “Setting the Record Straight about J Street” in which he responds to many of the false charges against J Street's positions.    

Setting the record straight, Times of Israel – J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami hit back at smears against J Street.

I refer you as well to the J Street website and particularly to its section “Myths and Facts”

Between these two pieces, one should have all the information necessary to make a reasonable and fair judgment about both the truth of the negative campaign against J Street by right-wing Jewish and Israeli groups, as well as the true positions of J Street on all the issues that we in J Street understand to be important for the security, Jewish character and well-being of the democratic state of Israel.