November 21, 2019

Family Glue: Fun Ideas to Create Meaningful Moments during High Holy Days

The holidays are coming around again, meaning your family is probably filled with the holiday spirit. This is a great time to capture meaningful family moments though this is becoming increasingly harder in this plugged-in world. Consider the following fun ideas.

Nature Hunt


One interesting activity the whole family can enjoy is fruit or vegetable picking. You might think you do not live close to a farm, but the rapid rise of the family farm is making it easier to enjoy this activity. Your family should love the idea of eating fruit or vegetables fresh from the earth. There are many resources online that will help you find a farm near you.

Ceremonious Event


Spending time together is part of what makes the holidays important, but participating in events that honor traditions is also important. It is easy to skip events that you have to travel to, but these can be worth it. You can see these trips as mini-adventures, which the kids will love. Perhaps you should see where a Tashlich is taking place, and be sure to go. Those who live near water may see this ceremony take place as it is described in the texts. It is a great opportunity to enjoy something as a family and highlight the power of tradition.

Be a Tourist


You have seen tourists around your neighborhood and noticed how much fun they have sightseeing. Well, you may want to become a tourist in your own town. You might think you know everything there is to know about the neighborhood, but that may not be true. Book a tour with a professional like Central Park Tours. A professional can offer you the real tourist experience. Take photographs, enjoy the sights, and get lost in the role of your family.



Build a stage in your backyard for your family. Have each member of your family tell a different story from the Holy Book. Encourage them to get as creative as they want or touch on subjects they might have questions about. Do not be afraid to address these questions because it should help strengthen their faith. You should also take photographs, and record some of these tales so that you can share these moments with other family members. Be sure to focus light towards the center of the stage to make sure your photographs and videos come out as clear as possible.



There is no better time to teach your family a meaningful lesson than during the holidays. It would be a great idea to set up a trip for a volunteering mission. You do not have to travel to another country to do good in this world. There are a number of community efforts you can volunteer for. This activity should be especially powerful if you have never done this kind of thing with your family.

These are just some ideas to make these days more memorable. Consider your family’s suggestions at this time, too. Be sure to talk to elders of the family to get additional ideas that could be useful.