WATCH: Ami Horowitz Exposes SFSU Students’ Support to Kill Jews

Nearly half the students approached said they would donate to an antisemitic cause
December 22, 2023

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz released his latest video on Thursday that shows several students at San Francisco State University (SFSU) expressing support — and even offering money — for killing Jews.

The video, which is being distributed through Prager University, shows a compilation of Horowitz approaching students on campus and asking them if they want to donate “money for arms and weapons against the Jews” worldwide. “We want to fund operations against soft targets, schools, hospitals, Jewish cafes,” he can be seen saying to students. To another student Horowitz says: “All we have is rockets and suicide bombers, that kind of thing.”

Several students, while Horowitz’s team filmed them from hidden cameras nearby, agreed to Horowitz’s faux fundraising pitch.

“I would totally be down,” one student tells Horowitz.

“I like what you’re saying,” another student says

“I think their behavior and the actions are evil,” one student says.

“Because they want the land,” says a different student. “It’s a money thing.”

Some students offered to provide dollar amounts such as $5, $15, $20 and even $30, though Horowitz told the Journal that no money was actually exchanged. One student said he couldn’t provide money but offered to help spread the message.

“Peace and love!” Horowitz says to the various students as they walk away. Most of the students’ faces were blurred in the video.

“The rhetoric in demonizing Jews we have seen globally has led to this.” – Ami Horowitz

He concludes the video by saying: “The rhetoric in demonizing Jews we have seen globally has led to this. Twenty-eight out of 35 people I engaged in conversation with expressed support for what I was doing. And 17 out of 35 — nearly 50% of the people I spoke with — offered me money to kill Jews.”

Talking to the Journal by phone, Horowitz said that he didn’t count students who simply said they would check out his website afterwards as being interested. “You had to have actually talked about antisemitism, hatred of Jews, why they’re so evil, for me to counted you among the people who supported the position,” he said. “Which was the majority of people I came across.”

The filmmaker added that he’s “really good at is getting my subjects to say the quiet part out loud” because he’s “able to get people comfortable enough with me — or frankly to trick them into thinking that I’m on their side — they put their guards down, and inexplicably they tell me the reality either on-camera or off-camera.”

Going into filming at SFSU, Horowitz had hoped that this endeavor was going to be “a failed experiment,” but it wasn’t. In fact, Horowitz said he only spent less than two hours on campus to find all those students and estimated that the amount of money the students offered to provide him was around $500.

“Not a single person I came across — not one — said, ‘This is insane. I need to call the authorities,’” Horowitz said, adding that “they had their reasons: Money, power, religion, all those things. They know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.”

Horowitz added that one of his camera members — who is center-left and not Jewish — was dumbfounded at what he had witnessed, even asking Horowitz if the students who expressed support for killing Jews were paid actors. “He could not understand what he was seeing in real time,” Horowitz said. “That’s how f—ed up it was.”

He called on the university to expel all the students who expressed support for killing Jews in the video and offered to provide the university with his full, unedited footage should they ask for it. But Horowitz isn’t holding his breath that the university will do so, pointing to the congressional testimony from the presidents of Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of Technology saying that it would depend on the context if calls for genocide against Jews violate university policy.

The university did not immediately respond to the Journal’s request for comment.

Horowitz chose to film at SFSU because “it is one of the most progressive schools in America” and has a reputation for being “anti-Israel,” though Horowitz clarified that being anti-Israel doesn’t necessarily mean someone is antisemitic. However, Horowitz contended there is an “overlap” between the two, but he’s not sure how much an overlap there is. He believes that antisemitism on the “hard left” — which Horowitz distinguished as being different from the “center-left,” who he believes would be appalled at the students in the video — is due to “a form of Marxism.”

“They look at Jews as the most successful sub-group, and therefore in their paradigm, the only way you could be successful is by stepping on the neck of someone below you,” Horowitz said. “It’s the oppressor-oppressed matrix.”

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