Israelis Feel the Berlin Blues

April 4, 2016

Israel's Channel 10 recently came out with a <a href="http://10tv.nana10.co.il/Article/?ArticleID=1180965
“>scathing report on what life is like in the German capital for Israelis these days. Once, ironically, a mecca for Israelis for its low cost of living and maybe some subconscious desire to face the country of their ancestors' torment, Israelis now seem to find that language barriers and the difficult job market are making Berlin less attractive.

“The Milky Generation” – as they are called, in reference to chocolate pudding 'index” which places Israel's “Milky” at almost 500 percent more expensive than the German brand – is finding that, overall, life the Land and Milky and Honey is still smoother, despite the shocking supermarket receipts.

For those who don't understand Hebrew, here are some highlights/lessons from the video:

1. One Israeli who had trouble finding decent work said he probably wouldn't do it over again. Not being fluent in German is a serious handicap for people who seek work. If you want to make it, come with a job.
2. Prices are going up in Berlin due to the influx of people from other countries (Greece, France, Poland, Turkey, etc…) and also real estate investors who are capitalizing on its growth.
3. Bureaucracy is very sloooow and by the book, and Israeli “chutzpah” won't open doors.
4. The growing Muslim refugee population, with its general support for “Palestine” over Israel, is starting to put Jews/Israelis on edge. One woman said she engaged in much more Israeli advocacy in Germany than in Israel, especially during Operation Protective Edge, when she congregated with Israelis, despite her pre-Berlin desire to “disconnect” from the “matzav.”
5.  The more expectations you have, the more you'll be disappointed.

The video ends with one man saying the Berlin trend will die down, and Israelis will flock to that next best European “hole.” He predicts Leipzig. Another woman predicts Warsaw, which she describes as cheap, alternative, and interesting. That, or Israelis can't get enough of cities with histories of Jewish torment.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="360" id="externaliframe" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" name="externaliframe" scrolling="no" src="http://vod.ch10.cloudvideoplatform.com/?UserId=45E4A9FB-FCE8-88BF-93CC-3650C39DDF28&GroupId=1035139&AutoPlay=false&width=640&height=360
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