Blame the Iranian Regime’s ayatollahs for latest Gaza violence

April 1, 2018
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh meeting with Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini.

During the past two days the mainstream media in the U.S., Europe and worldwide have been quick to fully blame Israel’s military for the deaths of 10 Hamas terrorists, six Palestinians and other causalities as a result of Hamas lead fire-bombings, shooting of weapons and tire burnings on the Gaza border with Israel. The mainstream media’s portrayal of Israel as the supposed “bad guy” in this recent outbreak of violence is not only laughable because the Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and used civilian human shields, but the media has also wrongly ignored the very prominent role of the Iranian regime that has resulted in deaths and causalities in Gaza. Likewise the United Nations has also totally ignored the critical role the Iranian regime has played in funding and arming Hamas to carry out these terrorist attacks from Gaza and using children as young as 7-years-old as human shields in their attacks on Israel. It is now time to shine the true spotlight on the Iranian regime’s corrupt and evil leadership who are one hundred percent responsible for deaths of Palestinians in Gaza and continuing the cycle of violence against Israel.

For more than two decades the ayatollahs ruling Iran with an iron-fist have openly and very proudly proclaimed their unequivocal support for the terrorist group Hamas that rules Gaza today and calls for Israeli total annihilation. The Iranian regime’s ties with Hamas increased when the terrorist group took total control of the Gaza Strip in 2007. Likewise the Hamas leadership in many occasions has boasted about their strong ties with the Iranian regime. “Today, the relationship with Iran is excellent, or very excellent,” said Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza during an August 2017 press conference. He added that the Iranian regime today is “the largest backer financially and militarily to Hamas’ military wing”.

Between 2012 and 2017 Hamas ties with the Iranian regime cooled off briefly because of the Syrian regime’s attacks against Sunni Palestinians opposed to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, but this was only a bump in the road for the Hamas-Iranian relationship. The U.S. government has indicated that before 2012, the Iranian regime provided an estimated $50 million a month to Hamas. The Iranian regime has openly admitted to also suppling Hamas with military weaponry including the Fajr-5, M-75, and M-302 rockets, as well as drones which the terrorist group uses during attacks on Israeli civilians on a regular basis. In late October 2017 Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy chief of Hamas even traveled to Iran and was warmly welcomed by the regime’s leadership to re-start funding for Hamas’ military.

With such open and proud ties between Hamas and the Iranian regime, one must place blame where blame belongs–  with the Iranian ayatollahs and regime’s leadership which funds and arms this terrorist organization in Gaza. In fact, the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) openly voiced support for Hamas in recent days. The Iranian leadership is not only responsible for attacks by Hamas on Israelis, but also responsible for sacrificing the lives of Palestinians in their evil armed struggle. The Iranian leadership is one-hundred-percent responsible for the deaths and all causalities of Palestinians during this latest attack by Hamas from Gaza through fire-bombings, shootings and infiltrations of the Israel’s border with Gaza. If the Iranian regime had not provided money and weaponry to Hamas, this conflict with Israel would have died out years ago. If the Iranian regime had not provided money and weaponry to Hamas, then the terrorists could never have the power to force civilians in the line of fire to be killed during their attacks on Israel just to gain western media publicity for their sick cause. The Israel Defense Forces have a full right to protect their borders from attacks by terrorist groups on Israel’s civilians and any entity that says otherwise is just plain wrong! For Europe and for the United Nations to single out Israel in this latest outbreak of violence in Gaza is pure insanity and failing to include the Iranian regime’s role in perpetuating this conflict is equally reprehensible!

In addition to the Palestinian people suffering as a result of the Iranian regime’s backing Hamas, the innocent people of Iran are also suffering tremendously for the Iranian regime funding Hamas. The billions of dollars the Iranian regime pours into the coffers of Hamas to perpetuate violence against Israel, could have been money that the regime could have used to feed the hungry and unemployed in Iran. The billions of dollars the Iranian regime pours into the coffers of Hamas, could have been used to build Iran’s infrastructure, schools and medical facilities. The billions of dollars the Iranian regime pours into the coffers of Hamas to could have been used to house the millions of homeless Iranians in the province of Kermanshah who had their homes destroyed in 2017 earthquakes. Earlier this year, protestors opposed to the Iranian regime marched in the streets of Iranian cities chanting; “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, my life shall only be sacrificed for Iran”. This popular slogan was clearly a cry by the average Iranians living in Iran who are disgusted with their nation’s wealth being spent by the Iranian ayatollahs on advancing terrorism and killings in another part of the world instead of fixing the economic problems in Iran. The list of what the Iranian regime could have done with the billions of dollars it gives to Hamas to instead improve the lives of average people in Iran is indeed too long to mention. In the end, the funding of Hamas by the Iranian regime not only destroys Palestinians lives in Gaza but also harms lives of innocents in Iran.

This regime in Tehran today is an evil cancer spreading throughout the Middle East by advancing crimes against humanity. Not to acknowledge the Iranian regime’s prime role in the current violence carried out by Hamas on Israeli civilians is ultimately a great travesty and crime in itself.

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