Enough With the “Holocaust Chic!”

February 11, 2015

In the past year or so, several retail stores have placed for sale clothing items that resemble, almost too well, the uniforms prisoners in Nazi concentration camps were forced to wear. Time and time again, these stores offer their sincere apologies for the “mistake,” releasing ridiculous statements with ridiculous claims that they “had no intention of ever manufacturing that piece of clothing” and that “someone made a mistake.” Now, after Urban Outfitters’ latest scandal, it’s time to shout, loud and clear: ENOUGH WITH THE HOLOCAUST CHIC!”

Yesterday, it was published that “>fashion retailer Zara offered a stripped top with a six-pointed yellow star decal, which resembled the uniform Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. In October, “>the path to destruction is being built again. The number of anti-Semitic attacks is skyrocketin; Facebook and Twitter are being filled with hateful pages and groups calling for the annihilation of Israel and the Jews, the reverse Nazi salute is a “trend,” Holocaust denial is everywhere, and neo-Nazi political parties star in Greece’s and Hungary’s parliaments.

Moreover, Holocaust denial is at its prime, as every year, the number of Holocaust survivors decreases, and the ability to hear first-hand testimonies gradually vanishes. Soon it will be entirely up to us, the second and third generation, to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.

We already have a handful of obstacles on our way of reversing the path of destruction our world marches on, which can easily end in history repeating itself. The last thing we need is to witness the circle of Holocaust-mocking grow, and even if it’s not being done purposely, selling and wearing the “Holocaust-chic” mocks the Holocaust.

So yes, when looking at a few clothing items that resembles something Jews or Homosexuals used to wear under the ruthless Nazi regime, it’s hard to see what the hassle is all about. But it takes one glance at the bigger picture to remind us why this “Holocaust-chic” is wrong, and must disappear as if it never existed. Don’t let the memory of the Holocaust decay. Say “enough” to the “Holocaust-chic!” And to all retail stores thinkin of selling more items of such – Be responsible and stop this Holocaust “trend.”

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