What Winning the Elections Has to Do with Passover

Regardless of the winner, the upcoming term of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) will be short lived. You don’t have to be a prophet to...

The morning after the elections: Things that I need to take back

1. Unity? I don’t think so Yesterday evening, when the exit polls showed a tie (or a near tie) and a possible Netanyahu coalition of...

Trial begins for Jewishly active N.Y. doctor accused of murdering wife

The jury has been seated in the trial of a Syracuse, N.Y., physician accused of murdering his wife.

Netanyahu and center-left opposition virtually tied in exit polls

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu closed a gap with center-left rival Isaac Herzog in a hard-fought Israeli election on Tuesday, exit polls showed, leaving both men with a chance to rule but Netanyahu with the clearer path to forming a coalition.

The Remedy In Front Of Our Eyes

While there are definite side effects, and it's not for everyone, this just might be the perfect prescription for world peace.

5 notable takeways from the Israeli election

In the United States, the magic number on Election Day is 270, the number of Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency. In Israel, it’s 61, the number of seats needed to capture a majority in the 120-seat Knesset — and with it, the premiership.

Hillel again taking heat over limiting Israel debate

Hillel President Eric Fingerhut’s decision to withdraw from the upcoming J Street conference has again drawn Hillel into conflict over the boundaries of acceptable criticism of Israel.

While Waiting for Israeli Election Results – Thoughts on ‘Optimism’ and Important Articles to Ponder

The only poll that matters is the one taken today, on election day. Then what matters is who President Rivlin will ask to form...

George W. Bush headlines largest Israel Bonds event since ’51 launch

Former President George W. Bush headlined the largest Israel Bonds fundraiser since the organization was inaugurated in 1951.

Swarthmore Hillel votes to disaffiliate with Hillel Int’l

Swarthmore Hillel’s student board voted to drop its affiliation with Hillel International and change its name, citing Hillel International’s restrictions on Israel issues.

Kosher supermarket reopens two months after Paris attacks

The Paris kosher supermarket where four hostages were killed in January by an Islamist gunman reopened on Sunday morning to \"show that life is stronger than barbarity,\" supermarket officials and France\'s interior minister said.

Swastikas painted on Jewish frat house at Vanderbilt

Two swastikas were spray-painted on a Jewish fraternity house at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.\n

Iran, U.S. line up technical options as push for deal intensifies

Iran and major world powers have been making headway in identifying technical options for a historic nuclear deal as an end-March deadline nears but difficult issues must still be addressed, U.S. and Iranian officials said on Tuesday.

Israel: Democracy in action

The messy and chaotic atmosphere that has permeated the election season in Israel has made it easy to overlook one simple fact – Israel’s neighbors are jealous of this very mess.

Emile Hirsch makes first court appearance over Paramount exec Sundance assault

A month and a half after allegedly choking out the VP of Paramount Digital Entertainment and Insurge Pictures at a Sundance party in Park City, the Into The...

Durst charged with murder, movie confession likely admissible

New York real estate scion and accused murderer Robert Durst\'s bathroom muttering that he \"killed them all\" would likely be admissible evidence in a murder trial, legal experts said on Monday.

Closing in on nuclear deal, U.S. demands ‘tough choices’ from Iran

The United States and Iran inched closer to a political deal that would set the stage for a landmark nuclear agreement, but a U.S. official warned on Monday that Iran must make tough choices to allay fears about its atomic ambitions.

Monthly rallies to call for justice for AMIA prosecutor Alberto Nisman

Monthly rallies calling for justice for the late AMIA Jewish center prosecutor Alberto Nisman will be held in Buenos Aires.

Interfaith peace ring brings over 1,000 to Copenhagen synagogue

More than 1,000 people formed a peace ring around a Copenhagen synagogue that came under deadly attack last month.\n

British security stalwarts in record demand following Paris, Copenhagen attacks

On a nondescript street in the London suburbs, guards with earpieces stand watch outside a brown building with blast-resistant doors and windows.

Reform rabbis install first openly gay president, Denise Eger

The Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinical arm of the Reform movement, installed its first openly gay president, Rabbi Denise Eger.\n

No-fly zone for amateurs

I’m learning a lot about the Jewish non-profit sector in the weeks leading up to my first day as a Jewish non-profit professional in...

Robert Durst’s Jewish background

Jewish real estate scion Robert Durst, the subject of a recent HBO documentary miniseries, is currently awaiting extradition to Los Angeles after being arrested by the FBI in a New Orleans hotel Sunday evening, March 15. FBI officials say they have new evidence linking Durst to the 2000 killing of his friend Susan Berman in her Hollywood Hills home.

Frightened mourners at Malmo Jewish cemetery get police protection

Swedish police posted officers at a Jewish cemetery in Malmo after mourners said they had been intimidated there by passers-by.

Suspect in Ferguson, Missouri shooting of police appears in court

The man accused of wounding two policemen during a protest rally outside the Ferguson, Missouri, police headquarters last week appeared in court on Monday briefly and did not enter a plea.

New York real estate scion Durst agrees to extradition on murder charge

New York real estate scion Robert Durst agreed on Monday to be extradited to Los Angeles County from New Orleans to face a charge of first-degree murder in the 2000 death of a longtime friend.

L.A.’s financial support of Israel’s election

The Los Angeles dollars—or shekels—spent may not have approached the amount Hollywood throws around for U.S. elections, but Jews in Los Angeles nevertheless managed to funnel about $175,000 into Israel’s party primaries this election cycle.

Report backs Nisman’s claims on Argentina-Iran conspiracy in AMIA bombing

Iran financed the 2007 campaign of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in exchange for impunity for Iranians in the AMIA bombing, a Brazilian magazine reported.

With Barbara Mikulski departing, Senate losing pro-Israel stalwart

The pending departure of U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) has the Jewish community wondering who will fill the vacuum left by the fiercely pro-Israel liberal leader.

Netanyahu vows to stop ‘Palestinian continuity’ toward Jerusalem

Standing on an apartment balcony beneath an olive tree overlooking the green hills between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a hastily convened news conference in this neighborhood that it prevents “territorial contiguity” for a Palestinian state.

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