Saturday, January 23, 2021


Middle East

Is Nuclear Iran a ‘Weak Spot’ for Obama With the American Public?

A Washington Post-ABC News poll gave some analysts the impression that President Obama has a public opinion problem with Iran. “Obama’s Republican challengers see...

What Israelis really want? That’s easy

Prof. Yaacov Shamir, a senior fellow of the Truman Institute The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, kindly provided me with cross tabs for the Israeli...

Weekend tidbits, 12.17.11: Jewish vote wars

On Thursday, the “Emergency Committee for Israel” took out ads in major U.S. newspapers questioning Obama’s record on Israel. The ads accused the Obama...

Gingrich’s ‘invented people’ are here to stay

Fact: There was never a Palestinian State. Fact: Newt Gingrich is a Presidential prospective. Fact: Gingrich chose to respond to question about the Palestinians...

Will Israel attack Iran? 5 notes following Netanyhau’s Sde Boker address

“Great statesmen as well as friends of the Jews and of Zionism” warned Ben-Gurion that declaring a Jewish state in 1948 would bring about...

More explosions, but nothing much changed with Iran

As conflicting reports on the most recent explosion in Iran make it hard to assess the seriousness and severity of this event, CNN published...

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