February 26, 2020

First Person

On Jan. 19, I attended both the Women's rally and the march, and they were as diverse as those who had organized them.  
The L.A. Times wrote a piece playing up what they called a small movement among American Jews leaving Birthright
I write you as a Pitzer graduate and as a Jew. I do in sadness and disappointment— in response to the faculty voting to cut the Haifa program
Words fail, but words right now are all I can muster. We were on the dance floor in Thousand Oaks, in the middle of the dance.
“I was a boy who told lies. This came from reading.”...The world of Torah may allow for varying opinions, but a ruling must be made.
On the eve of Yom Kippur, Sept. 17, my friend Roseanne Barr and I will join in a public discussion on repentance
I remember when I was as a child on Yom Kippur, holding my mother’s hand and squinting at her prayer book:
Here are the final thoughts from the late Sen. John McCain