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Zachor — A Prayer for Unacknowledged Mourners by Rabbi Laurie Dinnerstein-Kurs

I am mourning the loss of my beloved grandchild. I am the mother (father) of the mourner, and the grandmother (grandfather) of the mait (maita)...

What are we doing when we sit Shiva?

Sitting shiva can be understood from a multiple of vantage points. It can be seen anthropologically as a tradition of how the Jewish...

Local Election Turns Fluffy

In November, registered voters in the city where I live will be deciding who will fill three of the five seats on the city...

Muslims, Christians Should Celebrate Genesis as do Jews.

In Eden, there was God, Adam and Eve and no religion! Genesis begins with a wide angled view of diversity:  God creates a vast range...

The Very Odd Couple

One circumstance even more intimidating for me as a chaplain than offering pastoral care to clergy is to do so for Holocaust survivors and...

How to Determine What is Torture

There has been a lot of talk lately about the so-called “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” used by the US in the wake of 9-11, and...

Searching for the soul

In my new capacity as the son of an Alzheimer\'s victim, I have many questions. Some of them are Jewish questions. One kept me up for hours the other night, leading me to my bookshelf at 3 a.m., combing through volumes to see what insights I might glean. What happens to the soul during Alzheimer\'s?

Financial mistakes can haunt estate executors

Many executors have learned the hard way that they are not off the hook for mistakes just because they rely on the counsel of attorneys, accountants or other professional advisers.

Over 65 group could decide who wins this year’s presidential election

Neither candidate on the campaign trail has spoken often on issues that matter to seniors, and when they have, it\'s been underreported by much of the media. So at the end of the day, how different are the candidates -- and their respective political parties -- from each other when it comes to issues of great importance to seniors, such as long-term care, Social Security, medical insurance and taxes?

Deferred dream comes true for actress Nan Tepper

\"I had been a student, wife, mother, news executive and caregiver, but I had always promised myself that one day I would be an actor.\"

All pink, all the time

The doors, roof and the mailbox of the Pink Lady's Woodland Hills home are painted in a shade that might best be described as...

Temple bingo — a gamble if it’s a good way to raise funds

Typically associated with American Legion halls, Elks clubs and churches, the sedentary game that caters to seniors is not often associated with Jewish houses of worship. But a few synagogues across the Southland have offered weekly bingo nights as temple fundraisers for decades

Geriatric love, (I.B.) Singer style

To Max\'s surprise and delight, the bereaved widow proves quite amorous, insisting, as do his other female companions, that a man is never too old for some active love-making

Memoir recalls educator’s hardships, success in Iran

Treating him like a rock star, the crowd mobbed 70-something Eshaghian, seeking an autograph or photo op during the May 20 launch party for his Persian-language memoir, \"A Follower of Culture.\"

Falling dollar hurts seniors in former Soviet Union

After his wife died, the worker still came but less often, until global economic pressure forced the JDC to scale back operations for the \"least needy\" in the former Soviet Union. Six months ago, Zheleznyak began having to fend for himself.

The emotional landmines of family caregiving

A painful situation for the primary caregiver occurs when another close relative does little or nothing to help, but they are adored and praised by the senior anyway.

Dad’s drive

Dad has always been reaching -- not just to satisfy himself, but also to prove himself to the big guys, the great newspaper people in his head who might, somehow, in their wisdom, someday give him their blessing of approval

One more time around

Finding love a second or third time is not always so effortless, but 52 percent of men and 43.5 percent of women remarried in 2004, according to a 2007 U.S. census bureau report. And Jews are no exception.

VIDEO: Rachel Somekh teaches two classic Iraqi Jewish recipes — potato chops and cigars

Rachel Somekh teaches two classic Iraqi appetizers, potato chops and cigars

Shoah survivors ‘graduate’ from New Jew

New Community Jewish High School (NCJHS) awarded eight Holocaust survivors honorary high school diplomas last Wednesday night, symbolically handing them back a part of their adolescence that had been stolen by the war

The over-50 crowd relearns the ‘facts of life’

While HIV can pose health problems at any age, there is additional risk of having the virus as an older person. People 50 and older have less vigorous immune systems, and studies report that a majority of older adults have at least one or more chronic, age-related condition such as diabetes, arthritis or heart disease

A doctor’s visit

A visit with Dr. Eugene Gettelman, who celebrates his 100th birthday on June 17, shows how much medicine has gained and lost in the last half century

Dark currents surface in surfing clan’s idyllic life

A nice Jewish doctor decides his family must live on in a camper and surf . . . all the time; and here\'s the documentary to prove it

VIDEO: Moroccan Jewish sacred singing

Video of Moroccan Jewish sacred singing.

New Shoah pension deal gives survivors ‘recognition of suffering’

After extensive negotiations with the Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Germany eased some eligibility requirements so more low-income survivors like Aviva can receive so-called Article 2 pension payments.

MUSIC VIDEO: Cockney Melody, Yiddish Ditty (British home movie)

MUSIC VIDEO: Cockney Melody, Yiddish Ditty (British home movie) 43 secs.

Educational programs help seniors fulfill postponed dreams

Regardless of age or physical condition, intellectually curious seniors have many opportunities in the Los Angeles area to participate in an educational program that fits their needs in an enriching, stimulating and affordable environment.

American-style retirement for Israel’s seniors

Although old-age homes have always existed in Israel for those who cannot care for themselves, it is only in recent years that the American idea of retiring to a comfortable community of seniors has taken off here.

Alter Kayakers make waves in Newport Bay

The Alter Kayakers stand out for their awesome endurance and robust bearing, and they cram their days with endless bicycling, hiking, tennis, martial arts and river rafting. But no one has to quit when his abilities falter.

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