Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback

Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback

Remember Amalek

There are those in each generation, including our own, who rise up to try to destroy us.

Purim in Time of War

Indignity after indignity, pogrom after pogrom, massacre after massacre, come Purim we could imagine a different world, a world turned upside down where we could be victorious.

Giving Thanks for the Overflow

Even in these dark times, perhaps especially in these dark times, we need to recognize and give thanks for the shefa — the abundance — that exists.

Lighting the Eternal Light

We need more than ever to commit ourselves to the sacred task of igniting the ner tamid and becoming an eternal light of goodness and hope.

We Are Yisrael

We are the people that persist, that persevere, that hang in there with God day after day, year after year, century after century.

Message From Israel

Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback is currently in Israel, volunteering through a variety of organizations that are responding to the horrific terrorist attacks on October 7th.

The List

If there is a silver lining in a moment like this it is the deep appreciation I feel right now for the gift of being part of a people, a family — Am Yisrael.

Big Tent Judaism

If you embrace a Judaism that understands gender equality and inclusion as core to its values system, then you should be willing to fight for it.


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