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Uri Dromi

Israel experiencing revival of democratic life thanks to Winograd

Apart from this impressive show of citizen involvement, the Winograd Report brought back to the Israeli political sphere the essence of democracy, originating in ancient Greece: free citizens engaging in a serious discourse on their most crucial public affairs.

Lebanon war underscores inequality of Arab Israelis

Wars, like hurricanes, tend to expose flaws in societies. In Israel, the recent war with Hezbollah revealed lack of preparedness for this kind of war against an elusive enemy, mediocre
conduct of the operations, deficiencies in equipment, shortages of shelters for the civilians and more.

Entebbe’s Message Resonates 30 Years Later

Now Moshe is gone too. As I entered the graveyard, I saw his mother. I started to mumble my condolences when this old woman, a survivor of Auschwitz, gave me a stern look.

\”Spare your words,\” she said dryly. \”It\’s between me and God.\”

What could I possibly say to this woman, who had lost all her family in the Holocaust, who married another Holocaust survivor, started a new chapter in Israel and gave birth to two sons — only to lose them as well as her husband, who died heartbroken after Issachar was killed?

Israel Is Smaller in Size But Stronger in Spirit

The withdrawal from Gaza, scheduled to begin in mid-August, is one of the most important events in the history of the State of Israel. It will determine whether Israel can continue to be a Jewish and democratic state.

Saddam’s Fate Carries Messages

When the news broke that Saddam Hussein was captured, there was an uproar of joy here. Like many Israelis, I was glued to the TV screen, watching L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. administrator for Iraq, announcing proudly: \”Ladies and gentlemen, we got him!\”

What a great moment for the free world.


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