Picture of Uri Dromi

Uri Dromi

Israel’s Ransom Dilemma

Why are we consciously succumbing to a deal which, on one hand, will save some lives now, but will surely doom many more innocent Israeli lives in the future?

Going Out to Meet Our War

The number of Israelis killed in the Hamas attack is 1,200 and counting. It is as if more than 40,000 Americans were killed. This gives us a hint of the level of rage all Israelis now feel.

American Jews: Don’t Give Up on Israel

The recent turbulence in Israel has already troubled American Jews who are now pondering how to respond to what seems like an assault from within on the Israeli democracy.

How Roe Decision Impacts Israel

The seismic waves following the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade reached our shores quickly, and Israelis, traditionally following any trend in America, are now wondering whether this dramatic move might impact them as well.

Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees

The State of Israel was founded so that Jews in peril will never again be stateless. But what about non-Jews who need a shelter? Here, Prime Minister Menachem Begin set the course.


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