Tom Tugend

Tom Tugend

Minister of Compassion

Yitzhak Mordechai, Israel\’s defense minister, delicately discusses peace, his boss and the conversion bill during a recent L.A. visit

Up Front

The first thing that catches the eye when meeting Sister Rose Thering is the large pendant of a Star of David intertwined with a Cross dangling from her neck.

Ruth’s Legacy

At next week\’s Shavuot services, the moving words from the Book of Ruth, expressing the biblical convert\’s pledge of fidelity to Judaism, will be read in synagogues around the world.

The Lost Children

In April 1942, the Gestapo closed down the Grosse Hamburgerstrasse Schule, the last Jewish school in Berlin.

The Great Mulholland Divide

When I was a UCLA student, some…uh…50 years ago and lived in Hollywood, I thought nothing of picking up a date in Boyle Heights, but I wouldn\’t even consider going out with a girl from the San Fernando Valley.\n

A Swiss Twist

There lurks an almost unbearable irony in the appointment of UCLA Professor Saul Friedlander to an international commission of nine eminent historians that will probe, evaluate and ultimately judge Switzerland\’s role and conduct during World War II and the Holocaust era.

Music Men

Shortly after the Oslo peace process got underway, composer Nabil Azzam met with Yasser Arafat and offered the Palestinian leader a new national anthem for his nascent Palestinian Authority.\n


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