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Government’s Failure to Renew ‘Family Unification Law’ Divides Israelis

The general Entry into Israel Law, which treats all foreign spouses equally, now applies to Palestinians.

Young Influencers From Abraham Accord Countries Find Common Ground With Israelis

Social media personalities from the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, visit Israel, meet with local Arab and Jewish leaders in the wake of cross-border violence with Gaza

After Cease-Fire With Hamas, Israel Finds Peace at Home More Elusive

Tensions between Arabs and Jews in mixed Israeli towns continue to escalate, but some argue that the cause is more criminal than nationalist.

An Independence Day They Will Never Forget: ‘Not Like the 4th of July’

New immigrants from America share what Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, means to them

For Those Who Lost Loved Ones, Israel’s Memorial Day Siren Never Stops

The annual commemoration is important for ‘everyone else,’ bereaved relatives argue

Young Israelis Reflect on the Holocaust

As the number of Holocaust survivors dwindle, education changes.

Holocaust Survivors Should Be Recognized With Special Day, Leaders Say

More emphasis needs to be placed on the survivors and the resilience they have demonstrated in rebuilding their lives.

For First Reform Rabbi Parliamentarian, Environmental Action is a Faith-Based Initiative

Israel’s ultra-religious parties have no platforms on green issues

Record Number of Women Win on Israel’s Election Day, but Progress Remains Elusive

Six out of the seven parties with woman at No. 2 spot enter parliament

Israel’s Religious Zionism Party Exceeds Electoral Expectations

Some new Knesset members sure to roil the Left

In Israel, Archaeologists and Looters Race to Acquire a Piece of History

The new Dead Sea Scrolls discovery reflects the latest showdown between the two groups

Divisions Caused by the Coronavirus Magnified at Purim

Israelis are more polarized than ever during a holiday about unity, but Purim provides ways to connect, rabbi says

Ethiopians Immigrating to Israel Face Many Obstacles

Organizations team up to support the Jewish Agency in providing long-term aid for overlooked demographic

Relationship Between Haredim, Non-Haredi Israeli Jews at Breaking Point

Coronavirus exacerbates long-existing tensions that, one expert says, can only be quieted through political resolution

It’s West Versus East in the Battle to Inoculate the Mideast

Russian, Chinese vaccines compete with preparations made in the US, UK and Sweden

Israel’s Supreme Court Limits Racial Profiling, but Loopholes Remain

In a landmark decision, Israel’s Supreme Court has unanimously held that there are limits to the police’s power to stop people and ask for identification.

Tel Aviv-Yafo Top Destination for New Immigrants

For the third year in a row, Tel Aviv-Yafo was the city of choice for new immigrants to Israel.

Israeli Immigration Minister Urges Gov’t To Avoid Past Mistakes With Ethiopian Jewry

At the Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee meeting on December 7, Immigration and Absorption Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata urged the committee to not repeat the same mistakes that the Israeli government made in the past with regard to Ethiopian Israelis.

At G20 Summit, Pandemic Spurs Action

International leaders at the G20 summit called on Sunday in a closing statement for COVID-19 vaccines and other pandemic-related supplies to be distributed equitably to lower-income countries.

Israeli Female Politicians Delight in US Shattering Another Glass Ceiling

Israeli female leaders of all ideological stripes are lauding the historic 2020 presidential election, in which Senator Kamala Harris of California broke several barriers at once, about to become the first woman, first black and first South Asian to be vice president of the most powerful nation on earth.

Saudi Arabia Says It Will Improve Conditions for Foreign Laborers

THE MEDIA LINE — Saudi Arabia has decided to give foreign workers more rights amid a push to make the kingdom more attractive to...

Mideast Countries Compete for Medical Tourists

THE MEDIA LINE — The newest regional rivalry in the Middle East has nothing to do with politics or diplomacy. Countries in the region are...

Sudanese Nationals in Israel Fear Deportation after Peace Deal

THE MEDIA LINE — As news spread Friday evening that Israel and Sudan would establish diplomatic relations, concern swept the Sudanese community in the...

Israeli-African Refugees Protest to Release Garnished Wages in COVID-19 Economy

Advocates are calling on Israeli officials to return 285 million shekels escrowed in framework of Deposit Law.

COVID-19 Crushes Israeli Real Estate Market

The novel coronavirus has quickly transformed many aspects of life, including the ability to earn a living. In Israel, approximately a quarter of the...

Kibbutzim: Socialist Communities Grapple With Social Distancing

For Israeli kibbutzim, social cooperatives where people live together and share work, halting group activities flies in the face of core principles.

Israel Has Lessons on Gun Violence for the U.S.

This weekend, in less than 24 hours, 22 people were killed in El Paso, Texas, and nine people were killed in Dayton, Ohio, as a result...

‘Lady Titi’ Shatters Stereotypes About Israel’s Ethiopian Community

The Premiere of the english-subtitled version of “Lady Titi,” Israel’s first commercial film about the Ethiopian community and the first to be directed by...