Saturday, December 5, 2020


Steve Greenberg


Greenberg’s Cartoon: Netanyahu

Featured in the March 8 issue of the Jewish Journal.

Greenberg’s Cartoon: Pelosi’s Democratic House

For more of Greenberg's artwork, visit his website. 

Greenberg’s Comic: Passing the Torch

This comic ran in the Jan. 25 issue of the Jewish Journal.

Political Cartoon: Preliminary Price Tag

This political cartoon featured in the Jan. 11 issue of the Journal was illustrated by Steve Greenberg.

Steve’s Cartoon: A Tribute to Amos Oz

Steve Greenberg’s cartoon of the week for the Jan. 4, 2019 issue of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.

Cartoon of the Week: Centennial

Illustrated by Steve Greenberg. 

Cartoon: ‘Flag Support’

Cartoon illustration by Steve Greenberg. For more of his work visit his website. 

Greenberg’s Cartoon: Sept. 14

Steve Greenberg’s cartoon of the week for the September 14, 2018 issue of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.

Cartoon: The GOP’s changing party symbol

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Cartoon: Donald Trump and the Jewish vote … Decisions, decisions

<img alt="" src="{assets_99098:{filedir_3}cartoon-Trump-Jews-cmyk_1.jpg} " style="width: 545px; height: 372px;" />

Cartoon: Bloodsuckers in the news

<img alt="" src="{assets_98783:{filedir_3}cartoon-zika-web.jpeg} " style="width: 545px; height: 372px;" />

Cartoon: The glass ceiling

A cartoon by Steve Greenberg.

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