Picture of Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Stephen D.Smith is Co-Founder of StoryFile and a director of Memory Workers.

Time to Fight

I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of peace, but now is the time for war.

A Strong Man and a Warrior

Sir Ben Helfgott, and Joshua Kaufman, both Holocaust survivors, died recently, days apart, on opposite sides of the globe.

Antisemitism Is on the Rise, So Let’s Get Closer

If we want to feel safer, billboards won’t help. We must double down on what makes us special — our loyalty to one another, our fierce sense of identity, our confidence and trust in one another.

This is Our Revenge

Seventy-seven years after the end of the Shoah, the Nazis are long gone, but we were all there to celebrate a new Jewish family being formed. If there was ever an act of revenge, this was it.  

Echoes of the Holodomor

What we are seeing unfolding in Ukraine should be of no surprise. It is an old school extension of the twentieth century. Putin is reprising Stalin’s playbook in Ukraine: occupy it, use its resources, repress its people, make them feel just Russian enough that they don’t fight back.


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