February 25, 2020

Stephen Smith

On Jan. 27, 1945, Renée Firestone, Jack Lewin, Eva Schloss and Paula Lebovics woke up to a world after Auschwitz. These are their stories.
There has been a long history of Christians persecuting and murdering Jews. Antipathy toward the Jews began in the first few...
Let’s say a young man sprays “John loves Sally” onto a wall to celebrate his new love. It might be a misdemeanor because it damages property,
It's emerged again: A group with neo-Nazi sympathies has littered universities with anti-Semitic flyers that seek to sow fear and hatred
A recent Claims Conference study that showed Americans’ knowledge of the Holocaust was unexpectedly low, particularly among millennials,
When Polish Jew Raphael Lemkin proposed a new law to prevent “acts of barbarity” at a law conference in Madrid in October 1933,