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Stephen A. Simon

Learning ‘Romance’ Language

Berlitz won\’t help. You can\’t listen to tapes in the car. And the Foreign Service programs ignore it completely.

It\’s a \”romance\” language, but the subjunctive is the least of your problems.

Love Lessons From ‘The Godfather”

Romantic relationships are confusing. So we search for guidance in many places, including the cinema. We look to movies because they\’re a contemporary cultural experience shared with our closest companions. And we\’re too lazy to read.

Grandkids Inc.

Until children reach a certain age, parents seethem simply as beloved offspring. Flesh of their flesh. Withbittersweet nostalgia, they remember all, from the Gerber days tograduation day.

But then it happens: the transformation.


Luckily for Cameron, zillions of people loved themovie despite his fixation on sinking. In terms of money made, thefilm shattered records, which is even better than breakingthem.


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