Sunday, November 29, 2020


Soriya Daniels


Cutting someone out of will can leave a legacy of pain

Steve Kaplan had just finished sitting shiva for his mother when he was dealt another blow: He had been written out of her will.

Battle of the sexes along the Y-Divide

\"Ladies and gentlemen, Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky holds the secret to your incredible, unbelievable and unparalleled happiness,\" announces the emcee in a dimly lit nightspot where hundreds of Jews are gathered, each hoping to attain what half of Americans find unattainable: a happy marriage.\"

Old-World charm, modern life mingle in Holland

Here\'s a travel riddle that might send you packing: It\'s a European capital where culture abounds and

Muddy the Body, Cleanse the Soul

Visitors to Israel are often looking for a spiritual uplift, and one of the country\'s best-kept secrets for achieving that transcendent state is not found in Jerusalem\'s Old City. Perhaps it is the oxygen-rich air coupled with the high-concentration of relaxing bromide. Or maybe it\'s the lure of natural therapeutic essences in the surroundings of scenic beauty. Simply put, there is no better place to unwind and rejuvenate than in Ein Gedi country.

Sonoma Plan Adds Flavor to Dull Diets

Dr. Connie Guttersen is on a mission to make America smaller. Well, perhaps not geographically, but at least to shrink the size of the average American. Scientific studies have proven that weight-loss diets that are based on moderate amounts of the healthiest types of fats, such as olive oil, fish and nuts, are more effective long-term than traditional low-fat diets. And since the low-fat diet myth was busted recently with the publication of \"The Nurses\' Health Study II,\" the public is struggling to determine what role fat should play in everyday meals.

In Death, Still Not Parting

How often do we let feuds linger on believing that we have so much more time left on this earth?

Pesach Trip Options Beyond the Ordinary

Passover travel once meant shlepping to Miami Beach, where great operatic tenors like Robert Merrill and Jan Peerce would conduct the seder at a fancy-schmancy hotel, or to the Catskills, which was more haimish but just as fattening. But Passover travel options today have expanded to include experiences ranging from Disney World to the Caribbean to a dude ranch in Wyoming. And you can get some decent deals on Miami Beach, too.

The Jewish State of Relaxation

At spas around the world, activity menus focus on the body, offering the likes of hiking, exercise, body treatments and tai chi. Occasionally, spirituality can be explored in a special class or workshop. Long before the spa frenzy began filling travel columns nationwide, Jews recognized the value of spas and retreats. But these oases focus on the mind and heart, with the purpose of refreshing one\'s spirituality and peace of mind.

Heart to Heart With ‘South Beach’ Doc

Carbohydrate-filled days are over. Almost everyone is on the Atkins or Zone Diet. That is unless they\'ve deserted them for The South Beach Diet, which proposes eating the \"right carbs\" and the \"right fats\" along with protein, giving dieters the best of both worlds.

Tips to Avoid a Charitable Rip-Off

Every Jewish New Year we recite the words, "Repentance, prayer and charity avert the evil decree." It sounds straightforward enough, but trying to navigate myriad charities, especially Jewish charities, is confounding.

Balance Paramount to UPN Head Ostroff

Dawn Ostroff, who in addition to being a religiously observant wife and mother, has worked her way up to a glamorous, powerful and exciting position: president of entertainment at UPN. Offering insight into the art of balancing home and work life and achieving one\'s professional dreams, she reminds us that it\'s never too late.

A Portrait of My Wedding

After only two hours of sleep, I woke up on Aug. 13, 2000, to the sounds of drizzle hitting my hotel window. With a pit in my stomach, I got out of bed -- terrified and excited all at once. It was my wedding day, the culmination of three months of harried planning. I desperately wanted everything about this day to be perfect, to reflect the perfect love that Brad and I shared.

Hair Apparent

According to Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, director of Lubavitch of Long Island, the root of this custom is a verse in the Torah that compares man to a tree. In Deuteronomy, it states, \"A person is like the tree of a field.\" Just as a tree grows tall and with time, produces fruit, so it is hoped that a little boy will grow in knowledge, good deeds and, eventually have children of his own.

Latest news

Past Tensions Between Biden, Erdoğan Cast Shadow Over Ankara-Washington Relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is bracing for a stormy four years.

Haley Calls On Trump Admin to Release Report on Number of Palestinian Refugees

Nikki Haley called on the administration to declassify a report detailing the current number of Palestinian refugees who are receiving aid from the UNRWA.

Professor On Leave After Tweeting ‘COVID-19 Is Another Jewish Revolution’

A professor at a university in Michigan has been placed on administrative leave after the student newspaper unearthed a series of his anti-Semitic tweets.

Court Ruling Means Young Jerusalem Arabs Face Easier Route to Israeli Citizenship

A previously unpublished regulatory clause, outlining relaxed requirements for young adult legal permanent residents applying to become Israeli citizens, has become public by order of the Jerusalem District Court.

Jerusalem College of Technology’s Nursing School Renamed

The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) announced on November 24 that it is renaming the nationally renowned nursing school to the Selma Jelinek School...