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California Voters Don’t Recall

The effort to recall Gavin Newsom was a massive failure. But given that he’s up for reelection next year, the Governor will still have to tread carefully.

Lost Angeles: Mayor Garcetti’s Complicated Legacy

“It’s no use painting a lofty picture if you don’t have the brass tacks to pin it up on the wall.” So said Eric Garcetti on the steps of City Hall in 2013, at the swearing-in for his first mayoral term.

We Won’t Return to Lockdown—for Better or Worse

While rising numbers may be anxiety-inducing, the truth is that we are not in the same place we were at this time last year.

Voter Suppression Ends Where Civic Participation Begins

We are now reckoning with attempts to dismantle democracy by restricting voting and providing tools to overturn election results—and what’s worse is that these efforts are going largely ignored.

Recovering from Learning Loss After A Year of COVID-19

Elements of distance learning may be part of our education infrastructure going forward.

Hurt Most by the Pandemic, Women Need Economic Justice

Women are also the essential workers at home, shouldering the bulk of the housework, schooling and childcare

Jewish Voices in Black History

If we do not know history, we are vulnerable to fractionalization and attempts to divide us.

100 Days in Joe Biden’s America

Attempting to find a middle ground between and within parties will drive Biden’s governance.

Biden and Israel: Friends or Foes?

U.S.-Israel relations will be business as usual, at least for the next two years.

Relax, America — Democracy Is Working

The 2020 presidential election results are in — not certified — and we have a winner. Yet every day, there is another social media...