Picture of Seth Jacobson

Seth Jacobson

Seth Jacobson is the founder and principal of JCI Worldwide, a Los Angeles-based communications and research firm. He spent several years in the Carter and Clinton administrations in positions focused on economic development, foreign policy, and media relations. He is a frequent lecturer on policy and public affairs at Pepperdine University and UCLA.

The New Reality of What Is Genocide

The term has now been co-opted to describe any number of events including threatened cultures, ethnic strife, racial imbalance, civil war, rebellion, and religious conflicts. 

The Year of American Potential

So enough with the doom-and-gloom predictions for 2022. It’s not that the future is bright, exactly. But the future is changeable.

Justice Kamala Harris?

Law scholars and the Constitution concur that a sitting VP may be elevated to the bench, so long as they vacate the Vice Presidency.

California Voters Don’t Recall

The effort to recall Gavin Newsom was a massive failure. But given that he’s up for reelection next year, the Governor will still have to tread carefully.

Lost Angeles: Mayor Garcetti’s Complicated Legacy

As LA Mayor Eric Garcetti prepares to leave for an ambassadorship, he leaves behind a complicated legacy. One of the main focuses of his administration was housing, and yet it is also the chief criticism of his term.


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