Picture of Sam Glaser

Sam Glaser

Sam Glaser is a performer, composer, producer and author in Los Angeles. He has released 25 albums of his music, he produces music for various media in his Glaser Musicworks recording studio and his book The Joy of Judaism is an Amazon bestseller. Visit him online at www.samglaser.com.

Rockin’ My Kippah

In the past, I’ve never pushed wearing a kippah on anyone but my children. These days, I’m becoming more vocal in my advocacy.

High Holiday Preparations in the Jungle

I remember the rabbis telling us that “the King is in the field,” meaning that during this season God isn’t behind palace walls, but is utterly available and present. Fast forward to 2021 when Rosh Chodesh Elul coincided with a journey to the Costa Rican jungle with my friend Nissan.

A Shavuot Revelation

We are always receiving divine messages, heavenly love notes, holy whispers of Oral Torah. Shavuot is here to open our hearts to this communication.

Pesach: War of Worldcraft

This eight-day leaven-free period initiates our calendar year with an invaluable metaphysical victory.


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