Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Ron Unz


Sharonism vs. Building a Wall

Any attempt to resolve the crisis in the Middle East forces us -- the American people and American Jewry -- to appraise the motives and the ultimate goals of the leaders involved. Endless disputes have raged over whether Yasser Arafat and the other Arab leaders merely seek a Palestinian state living peacefully alongside Israel or whether they continue to harbor the ultimate goal of exterminating what they once derided as the \"Zionist entity.\" But just as important, perhaps even more so, is reaching an understanding of the true goals of Israel\'s current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his close associates. They -- even more than their Arab opponents -- hold the fate of the Israeli people in their hands.

Latest news

Jewish and Black Historical Cemeteries Vandalized in Virginia With Nazi Symbol

The vandalism consisted of graffiti stating "777," which is Nazi shorthand.

AJC Calls on Washington Post to Correct Op-Ed Calling Israel ‘Ethnically Exclusive’

"Calling Israel ‘ethnically exclusive’ is a lie and an insult to 25% of Israel’s population who aren’t Jewish but are full participants in its democracy."

Israel Offers Aid to Lebanon Following Explosions at Beirut Port

Lebanon is not expected to accept the offer.

‘Harry Potter’ Star Jason Isaacs Opens up About His Struggle With Addiction

"Every action was filtered through a burning need I had for being as far from a conscious, thinking, feeling person as possible."

Trump Pronounces Yosemite as ‘Yo Semites’

Twitter users responded with various jokes on the matter.