Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Looking for the Silver Lining

Empathy with the other is the beginning of coming together.

Time to Take a Shehecheyanu Moment

This is a good time to start at the beginning.

Finding the Glimmer of Hope Amongst Chaos

Words have the power to incite or to inspire. They have the power to tear down or to restore.

Desktop Archaeology

With only a few days remaining in 2020, it is time to turn to the inevitable task of thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

A Time to Redefine Thanksgiving and A Time to Reclaim It

A year ago, we were in a dilemma about what to do with too much and too many. This year, our dilemma is what to do, period.

In the Season of Change

We have been given a chance to reset. Many fought against this change, and many fought for it. But a choice has been made, and change will prevail.

60 Years of Voting, 60 Years of the American Way

This year marks the 17th presidential election in which my vote will be counted. The first was the year of Kennedy versus Nixon — 1960. It was a big year for me. I became a wife. I began my career as an educator. I turned 21. And I voted.

The Case for Enjoying the Present in a Pandemic

I want the pandemic to be over, but I will not sit around in despair waiting for it to pass. Every day, the here and now is the only thing we know for sure that we’ve got and there’s no sense wasting it.

Discovering Communities During Rosh Hashanah

Community. We talk so much about it: the meaning of community; why it is needed; what it means to belong to a community; what...